January 30, 2016: 3rd day of 60 day challenge. How to stay on top

Dear January

I started my 3rd day of challenge without telephone internet because I didn’t pay my bill. And I didn’t because I didn’t have a bank account in the UK, yet. As I went back to my French hometown for about two months, all the procedures with my installation in London slowed down.

Oh, mow I do have an account. So all those checks can come in.

I started thinking: how do I stay on top when little things come up to rock my boat? I googled my question and here is an answer I liked and I share with you:

Initiate what you want to do and keep at it

Ok, so I found an internet cafe. And I am writing my blog post. More the less, I emailed several artists I would like to invite in my new artistic project.

And had a spinach pie with goat cheese, because I felt homesick.

So yes, January, I am keeping at it.