September 14- our Galaxy

Dear September,

this Sunday I have given a visit to the Palais de la Découverte at the 16 arrondissement in Paris. Different expositions present scientific discoveries in physics, mathematics, geology, and my interest, astronomy. Quite a program!

The Planetarium, simulated the sky at night if we were at 3.000 meters of altitude and a clear atmosphere. So amazing, so overwhelming! And somewhere, a small, less bright and clear spot, the galaxy of Andromeda, that we can perceive with our eyes; not very impressive without any appropriate instrument.

But so amazing to realize we are on this beautiful planet, that seems to me the most beautiful, and to be part of a galaxy, that is in itself a small piece of a much bigger universe!

Our planet is for the time being the most hospitable place for Life;

Life in all its forms, is actually so rare and precious in the universe!

It is worth preserving and protecting for us and the generations to come!