February 7, 2018- In touch with our intuition- let’s have a cup of tea!

Hello dear February,

after an all work and no play period, I feel kind of cold and with a lot of unsatisfied others around me. And yet, is there a way to take me for a treat?

There must be something. I should probably trust, and let things come to me.

Yogi tea said so, when I opened one fo the little envelopes:

So, let’s take a cup of Yogi tea and forgive myself and others, for not being perfect:

Let’s get crazy instead.

It’s still winter, but St Valentine is near by.

Let’s have faith in love,

Love conquers all!

February 12, 2016- Day 15 of 60 day challenge for quantum leap- Fly me to the moon

Hello dear February,

yes i would like to fly to the moon and back, after a day spent on creative thinking and putting together some pieces of my artistic puzzle.

St Valentine’s day is approaching. And then, what was my ex boyfriend doing in my dream last night?

I would rather start a new chapter. I am in London. I am for the moon. And the stars. And the other planets.

I will land on the friendliest of them 😉