September 6- In Paris!

Welcome September,

Would you like me to introduce myself? I call myself April, since I started this blog four months ago, with the objective to transform some aspects of my life; so that I find true love and make a living out of my passion for writing! In the first four months I have fallen in and out of love and in love again, I have succeeded in passing the first stage of a funding competition and organized an artistic event at the South of France! I have applied for the second stage and now wait for the results.

But waiting is not the only thing to do!

I just returned to Paris, after more than a month spent at the South of France! Well, mostly in my hometown, a small town at the mainland. But I also had and some beautiful days by the seaside 🙂

How is it to get back home? I will be honest, I am happy to find my whereabouts, favorite cafés, neighbors, etc. If only I had someone to clean up, organise my closets and put some order into my stuff and mind, my comeback could have reached a stage of perfection.

When it comes to goals, I need a holiday from my holiday! Hometown visits are not always relaxing, but a different form of challenge could also be a vacation 🙂

Right now I am sitting in my Sunday favorite place, trying to set new goals for the next three months to come!

Autumn here I come!


August 3- Travelers

Dear August,

people come and go, we are travelling space, time, dimensions… for the time being the last two artists left my hometown for their respective countries; they had come to a tiny village at the South of France, close to my hometown, just to participate at the artistic event I was co-organizing.That happens to be close to my hometown.

Just? Or was it that the South of France is a wonderful place to be in the summer? Can I take credit for Cannes or Antibes? Barely so.

Anyway, they were happy to be here, although they found the organization a bit “amateur”, which is right. Nether I nor my hometown partner are professional organizers in a way. We are also artists, doing our best.

amateurs or not, our main objective was accomplished: create a good “ambiance” for people to feel at home and exchange. Also for me, despite the feeling of responsibility, it was great having them around. Learning more about their work, exploring future collaborations. But it has also generated some extra work, not to mention some communication problems 🙂

It was only 2.00 when I went to bed. My last visitor arrived at about 10.00 from her tour at some of the most beautiful spots and she would take the first train in the morning to the closest airport. I had promised to host her at my parent’s house; they were very kind to allow their place to become an airport: with people landing and taking off at different times of the day.

How do we relate to travelers in our lives? It is exciting to have them near by, because they open a window to far away places and experiences. After all, we are all travelers.

But there are some, we would like to travel with 🙂

coastline south west france image

August 2nd- finding love at the beach

Dear August,

I spoke to my godson Alexandre today, who is on holidays with his parents, at a little village of the South of France. Not far from the place where the artistic event took place. I am sorry to have missed them! Alexandre is three and a half and he has already found a girlfriend at the beach. Apparently she has thrown sand into his eyes and according to his mother has tried to drown him, but that doesn’t seem to have affected his feelings.

Is that what love is all about? His mother worries a little bit he will be overwhelmed by bossy women… until he said he would try to drown her tomorrow.

Is this what love is all about? And then why Alexandre doesn’t choose a kinder playmate? Is it less exciting? Do we need a feeling of danger to make things interesting?

I wouldn’t know what to say. I used to like men who seemed to be a little bit apart: artists, with a dark and sophisticated mood. Now I am more into people who are affectionate and sunny. Oh, and who cook or appreciate the quality of their food. Who can share and be playmates too.

Alexander has chosen excitement. Maybe it is an important component also. In order to keep passionate and interested.

Is he giving me an example or should I become one for him?

Probably both 🙂

Beach Sand | wallpaper &


August 1rst- Five days to submit funding demand

Welcome dear August!

I have hardly caught my breath from the very intensive July rhythm and here I find myself with a new deadline: my research project that succeeded to pass the first step by the end of june, needs to be “amplified” and resubmitted for the second step of the evaluation.

It was end of june when I found out, but after July 8 I concentrated on the Big artistic Exhibition in Paris, and my little two-day artistic event in the South of France.  With all that happened at the little village of the South of France where the event took place, I haven’t advanced ever since. Apart from travelling, being responsible for a group of people and at the same time participate with my work in a special performance, doesn’t leave a lot of time to sleep. And yes, we also partied.

In the last two days, I came to my hometown again, that is also situated in the South of France, not far from the village where my artistic event took place. However, two of the artists have also followed me. This has created a lot of distraction.

But today, this afternoon, I got myself back on track and back to my writing blog.

I am happy to be here!


July 3- Red and white: passion and innocence

Dear July,

today it was a beautiful day maybe a bit hot in the afternoon, but such a wonderful evening! Nice temperature, not too hot, just what you need for a romantic date. Was I out on a date? No, I was out with two good friends. We talked about this and that, life, relationships, school memories, holidays, …

We went by the river, a lot of deck chairs with red and white stripes. They start symbolizing for me this month of July. I realize now a lot of flags use them, … I just googled this and it appears that red stands for bravery and white for innocence and purity. I will have a thought for the American friends tomorrow 🙂

To go back to red and white, there is something very lively about it, something that puts you in a good humor no matter what. Dynamic and relaxed at the same time.

And today I was also dressed in these colours, to match the deck chairs and my mood.

In terms of work, I managed to advance with the July event in the South of France. When it comes to accommodation projects, N is nowhere to be found. He gave me his mobile phone number to book together an apartment for him, his friend, and me.

Has he changed his mind? I think that everything will fall into place, but we have a lot of action before the day of the event.

My friends advised me not to count a lot on N. Especially from a romantic perspective. I think they are absolutely right. The red and white deck chairs were occupied, so we left the river and we found a quiet restaurant.

With red chairs again. Now it was a question of school teachers and the memories we have of them. Some touching, funny and infuriating stories came up. I mentioned my blog. What would be its objective for July?

Well, the red stripe is a job in my field. I have recently succeeded on the first round of the funding competition. The next one is on August 5, and if I pass there will be a third and final one.

The white stripe will be love: Get inspiration from fantasy, and act in my reality.


June 6- a challenge for my artistic event in the South of France

Dear June,

I woke up late and decided to avoid the Platform for the day, after having faced again the no 2 of the hierarchy, also known as the wannabe boss. Yesterday I won a difficult fight, and I know that since I have provoked him in his own territory, this isn’t over. His territory is the meeting he organized and coordinated, where he had to invite me. His idea was to tolerate my presence, without giving me any possibility to speak.

My strategy? I used the element of surprise: I announced out of the blue a very promising artistic event in the South of France, with the participation of well-known artists. The other colleagues were enthusiastic about it. He just couldn’t show how much it got in his nerves.

The truth is, there are a lot of things I haven’t figured out.

Today, for example, as I was working from home, I read an urgent email from my event-partner, who is living in my hometown: there is a danger to be without any accommodation for the participants. Not only that, but the municipality of the little village we chose won’t finance us. Before the elections they seemed very positive, but now that they got elected, they changed their mind.

At least this is how he pictured it. We were supposed to have a local agent who was in touch with the village authorities, and she is going through a major existential crisis: she is ready to give up the whole thing.

Ok, I thought, another crisis to deal with, while the wannabe boss is waiting for me to make a mistake and counter attack.

I decided to calm down the local agent: everything is fine, we are on top of things. The summer event will take place no matter what. That is what I repeated to my hometown partner. There is no Plan B. Plan A is on, I have announced it and there is no going back. We still have time until the end of July and we are going to make things work.

After that, I felt better.

I went outside, strolled in the beautiful sunny, summer day, and watched the people enjoying life  at the café terraces: the temperature is higher.

Isn’t it time for love, flirting, dressing up, looking like the goddesses we are, charming Parisian mortals?

I decided to go back home and look up for my summer dresses.

Tomorrow I am going to see B, hopefully.


P.S. The photo of this beautiful village in the area of Provence is random and has nothing to do with the municipality of our summer event! It comes from this site