November 2nd, 2015- November settling down to London

Hello November,

I realize this is the first post of the month so I wish you a warm welcome from London! All these details about bank accounts, mobile phone issues, tooth ache, just disappear in the background!

I am happy to be in London starting something new and the small discomforts and resistances are part of the adventure. So let it be let it be and go on! More the less we had a beautiful and sunny week-end!

Now what if my internet doesn’t work at home or if I have been overcharged for calls… what if the employee of the mobile phones store told me I can make international calls on mobile lines for less than land lines…

let’s not resist change and go with the flow wherever this is taking me…

But could you just give me a hint? Is it a good idea to come over here? Should I have returned to my parents’ home instead and hidden on the basement where no one would ever hear about my adventures and wishes to become a well-known author, an art authority and one of the sexiest women alive?


And here is a photo of a compatriote to inspire me, Brigitte Bardot 😉