April 10 to 12, 2021: Doing something new every day for 30 days, days 16 to 18-Quality

Dear April,

I have tried different types of coffee, today opting for coffee from Kenya, the one from Nicaragua I liked less, and yesterday I wrote a kind of reference letter for one of my best friends.

One of my best friends, or my very best friend in primary school from the time we were 10 years’ old, and with whom I am still in touch, is launching a new business. She asked fοr my feedback, a sort of “reference letter”, on her capacities, and on her character. She is an architect and a ballet instructor, and I am not an expert on either.

Nevertheless, I have taken a few ballet classes with her, and so did my mother. And I have certainly a lot to say in her favour.

This friend of mine is someone who is never giving up, trying to do her best in every project, from being a teacher, a mum, to being an architect! She has faced adversity, and complicated relationships. Sometimes she has started something without realising what she was getting into.

I can totally relate especially with the last phrase.

And she really deserves a break and success all the way through!

Do women face more difficulties than men?

Well, in many parts of the world, this seems to be the case.

Let’s stand by each other, and by anyone, whatever gender, who creates quality for themselves and others

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June 14- Saturday at Café Germain

Dear June,

this is the place where I ended up Saturday night with a friend, in order to have a drink; I actually ordered an orange juice despite the nice cocktails they serve, for a change. Actually we had been looking for a place to watch one of the World Cup’s football matches. Am I a football fun? Not exactly. The World Cup is the rare case I become interested in it. Because I like the festive ambiance in the cafés and bars. And because there is a narrative easy to follow. The whole world is involved. Like a big party!

But we thought the bars with a television set were too crowded. Or too dark. Or the spot we found not comfortable enough. So we arrived at the Café Germain, at the Saint-Germain des Près where there was no football match. I find the ambiance a bit cold there, but probably because I am not a regular. It was more festive outside on the street, where people were going to smoke. I don’t smoke and the night was chilly. We had to settle somewhere.

This is a good spot for actors, producers, and probably the right place for me to be. But I was not feeling particularly sociable, that is why I was not satisfied anywhere. B was not present in my favorite café at lunch time. Had he been scared by my sms the day before? Was I not sweet enough? Was he involved in a relationship? Was he not interested in me? Not interested in women in general?

A wise blog-friend, JF, who commented my previous post, suggested that talking about relationships is not the right approach, and that he had not even kissed his wife before marriage. Neither have I been kissed by B, yet. We have only exchanged various “bises”: the French greeting kisses on the other person’s cheeks.

The other major topic of the day has been that a lot of businesses suggest temporary job contracts, and you have to constantly be on your guard.

Is it the same for relationships? How about quality? Duration?

How do we create something that lasts?



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