November 25, 2017- Happiness by design and purpose

Hello November,

so happiness again has a lot to do with what you do more than what you think. So you’d better do things that give a sense of pleasure and purpose.

Experiences pleasurable and purposeful, combined in the way that is best for everyone.

How do we know about the right dose?

It’s like cooking probably, it has to de with a combination of the ingredients to give a good taste ūüėČ

How can I combine my ingredients?

In a way that I find a point of balance?

October 9, 2017-Happiness depends on our focus

Hello October,

“Your happiness is determined by how you allocate your attention”, Prof. Dolan says, and it seems quiet an interesting idea;

so let’s see where my attention will go for the day. Because attention is the glue that holds our life together.

And by the way, happiness is both feeling pleasure and purpose.

Ok, I think I got it.

There is pleasure in being where I am right now, drinking a nice cup of coffee.

When my attention goes to the next part of the day, where I need to negotiate my rent, the attention goes to some worry thing.

When I think why I got into this, and it’s because I have a purpose, it feels better already.

September 5, 2017- Postaday to shape up ;-)

Hello September!

let’s shape up with a post-a-day! A friend of mine is telling me she is so busy she doesn’t have time for waxing, but I will make sure I laugh and express myself and feelings in an every day-to-day basis!

So time for waxing, laughing, exercise, and on the contrary, no time for unproductive or self-doubt thoughts.

No time for self-pity and comparisons, what do I say when I am asked, what do you do?

I do as I go.

I have a plan.

A project.

A dream.

It is taking shape as I go.

Every day.

What is the plan for the day?

Breathing in and out, and having coffee in the morning, in one of my favorite places.

Only cleaners on the road and construction workers are out at 7.00 am.


I also run into a friend and his family.

Oh, yes, I am going to read a poem just to change.

June 22, 2017-Sense of purpose

Hello June,

we are here all of us interconnected, with or without technology. We share the same planet and this becomes somehow important for everyday life in a way we might not even realize.

Especially in the morning.

When we open our eyes.

And we haven’t had yet our coffee, tea, juice, …

and we don’t know exactly where we are.

And still, this is a moment we share.

Is this giving me fuel to go on with my day?

here we are, let’s do something to better our life;


May 26, 2015- Getting clear about what I want

Dear May,

have you have ever felt confused about something you did? You decide for example that you want more flowers, and instead of the good weather that we normally expect, you become windy and cold, one day, warm the next. I had also decided to go in one direction and then I just did something that points into another!

Let me explain: for quiet some time I have been working on an artistic project and would like to get it funded. I am at a crossroad right now professionally speaking, and not only. I am going to move out of my office at the Platform and out of the mean wannabe boss.

So I thought this is a good time to get in touch again with people who I have met the last years and I appreciate. They could become a source of inspiration. Among them, a young informatics guy who is helping artists with their installations. I decided to call him because he is very competent and he has always been on my side. I thought this would motivate me.

When we had met, I was working on something different which I have put aside. I could call it my plan B. So naturally, he mentioned it right away. He thought I called him for this purpose, and started giving me ideas and suggestions. He is so eager to help me, that he is ready to lend me a book that would be most helpful.

I am so grateful, but I also felt overwhelmed because I accepted to borrow this book. And I feel bad because I didn’t dare tell him I am not interested.

I should have said: N, look, I just wanted to talk, or see you because you are a vitamin. But I am not on plan B right now. I work on plan  A.

Am I going to borrow his book this Friday or excuse myself and do something else?

I need to be clear with my purposes and feelings; say what I want and need!




July 14- Fireworks for July 14 celebration!

Dear July,

it is a national celebration today, of the French Revolution in 1789! It was the day the revolutionaries took hold of the prison of Bastille. Human Rights, Republic, and other such ideas are associated to this historic period : Freedom, Equality and Fraternity, still important objectives to remember! “Imagine all the people…”

And to celebrate, what is better than fireworks?

There is a parade in the morning, concerts and finally, at about 23.00, the fireworks!

On my side, I haven’t followed all the festivities because I woke up really late after an intensive week at the art exhibition center. And another intensive week to come for the event I am organizing in the South of France.

So I thought the proper way to celebrate is to take it easy, and went close to the Champ de Mars, where you have an excellent view of the Eiffel Tower, where the fireworks are fired from! In order to be in the right “ambiance”, with all the people – Parisans, people from other parts of France, military, and of course tourists – at the streets and the caf√©s. The weather was perfect, agreeable but not hot, so it was great to be out and enjoy.

I somehow felt optimistic: something good is coming, though I don’t know exactly what. I need to focus on what is important, and concentrate my energy in this direction. An objective is like a compass, we have to keep walking.

Some actions are like fireworks, others take time to mature. But they leave their marks.

In our unique style, we are here to make a difference with our presence.

14 juillet feu artifice Tour Eiffel multicolore, Paris © Groupe F - Thierry Nava