August 2nd- finding love at the beach

Dear August,

I spoke to my godson Alexandre today, who is on holidays with his parents, at a little village of the South of France. Not far from the place where the artistic event took place. I am sorry to have missed them! Alexandre is three and a half and he has already found a girlfriend at the beach. Apparently she has thrown sand into his eyes and according to his mother has tried to drown him, but that doesn’t seem to have affected his feelings.

Is that what love is all about? His mother worries a little bit he will be overwhelmed by bossy women… until he said he would try to drown her tomorrow.

Is this what love is all about? And then why Alexandre doesn’t choose a kinder playmate? Is it less exciting? Do we need a feeling of danger to make things interesting?

I wouldn’t know what to say. I used to like men who seemed to be a little bit apart: artists, with a dark and sophisticated mood. Now I am more into people who are affectionate and sunny. Oh, and who cook or appreciate the quality of their food. Who can share and be playmates too.

Alexander has chosen excitement. Maybe it is an important component also. In order to keep passionate and interested.

Is he giving me an example or should I become one for him?

Probably both 🙂

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