January 23- A day at the Platform and a word of self-encouragement

Dear January,

I am my own boss, this is what I decided by the end of 2014. Now, in 2015 we need to see how this will become materialized into actions, people, funding of myself and my future team.

Last Friday I went to the Platform headquarters, the loose connection of artistic event organizers and other related professions, where I had a rendezvous with a colleague that was postponed to next week. So I went for lunch by myself and then, my moral sunk a bit.

My ex-wannabe boss is not exactly the person I would look for encouragement, and my friends were missing. I also felt late with everything I had to do, and kind of insecure when it comes to the future. The wannabe boss wants me out of the Platform, and I might have an idea about where to go next, but it is still a bit fuzzy.

Does x colleague like me? Does Y group appreciate me or not? Z influential people want to work with me? In the end, do they love me?

I went for a walk and then something hit me:

That was my old state of mind.

If I need encouragement, I should find it first in myself. I can plan something and invite people to join in, instead of waiting for others to invite me to their party. Is there something I love enough to make me hit the road and take the risk of living?

If the answer is yes, then all these questions have no meaning. I choose a path and welcome those who want to join in.

My best answer to someone who tries to hurt me is to show this person that they actually do me a favor.

And to celebrate this, dear January, I decided to go out and party with my friends.

Party time in Paris!

It is great to go around the city at the early morning hours with the snow starting to fall!


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October 7- My business meetings at the Platform

Dear October,

I have spent the day in quasi-friendly professional meetings; the objective was to find allies (and get the wannabe boss off my back). Did it work? I don’t know, but I spent a lot of energy on that…

At this Platform, or network of artistic event organizers I belong to, I have a small budget to spent. The wannabee boss who is no 2 or this structure wants to push me out. He gave me some objectives he thought I couldn’t fulfill. I succeeded but he has been looking for excuses not to give me the budget that was allocated to me. During the summer months I have organized artistic events and promised some funds that haven’t come yet. And I am not eager of meeting with the wannabe boss and his nasty assistant. They are insulting and try to put me down.

Then why do I stay? The Platform could be an interesting place, in Paris, a city I love. If I am a star, part of a galaxy, the Platform is a network of galaxies, that is called an AMA in astronomy. My objective is  to attach myself to another galaxy with another boss.

Going back to my day: my first meeting involved a group of people, I presented my projects and that I am out of blue as to the means to accomplish them. This took me a while, and then I needed to be at the Platform, for lunch with another group. I arrived late, and they were already at the desert phase. But I was excused and joined them for coffee.

Then a third meeting followed, with a colleague who is also a friend, for a debriefing of the situation on my side and hers. She also needed my advice on her projects. We ended the discussion late, and when I got back home, all I could do was to buy myself a chocolate cake.

I would have finished it by myself as a form of consolation, but fortunately I run into another friend and suggested to share it. Probably the best thing to do …



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September 23- Autumn goal setting

Hello dear September,

I feel this is the perfect moment for an Autumn goal setting. How about a post a day for the next three months? Do I feel up to the challenge?

I think I will take it. My Autumn resolution.

The first decision I took today that made me feel proud of myself is that I went to the Platform. I have been avoiding it for the last two weeks I returned to Paris, for fear of running into the wannabe boss.

The Platform, in case you don’t know, is the loose network of artistic event organizers I am a part of. I am a star in this big constellation, but I have to find my own light and resources. The Platform is hosting me as a free lance organizer. The wannabe boss is the number 2 of the Platform. He hates my guts because I stood up to him in the past and  tries to push me out.

I was not sure I could face him the last two weeks, and having a cold -sneezing and feeling week- was not very helpful.

But as soon as I went there, I was happily surprised: a. he was not there and b. I found in my office a gift from an artist with whom I had worked last summer. It made my day!

Facing one’s fear could be facing the shadow of a big monster and realizing it was only a small child playing.

We need to go there and check for ourselves. I know now September, I am bigger than my fears.

And a post a day it will be for Autumn!