May 21rst, 2015- Emerging :-)

Dear May,

I checked up on the dictionary the definition of the verb “emerge”, and here is what I came up with. So, to “emerge” is:

1. to move out or away from a surrounding fluid, covering, or shelter: seals emerging from the water; animals emerging from the forest.


a. To come into view: The house emerged in the fog.
b. To become conscious: emerge from sleep.
c. To become known or prominent after being in obscurity: evidence that emerged from the investigation; new leaders that emerged from the party ranks.
3. To come into existence: a period when many new life forms emerged.
I have “emerged” after a small operation and it feels like waking up to the wonders of this world again. Being born again in a way.
Fortunately, all went well, it was a routine operation.
But still, the experience of “emerging”, makes me wonder if it is similar to the one a baby has, arriving in this world.
As adults, we have formed a conscience, but still, emerging offers a new look, a new possibility to start over, to see things in a different light!

May 17- The night of the Museums, in Paris



Hello dear May,

Saturday, beautiful spring weather, the tourists are conquering Paris and it is the European Night of the Museums!

Museums stay open late, are free, and offer original spectacles, tours, concerts! So, what did I choose? The Museum of the “Légion d’Honneur” the highest distinction the French Republic can offer to military and citizens.

Why did I choose this museum? Is it something I decided after considering the best of the best? Was there a friend who wanted to go there?

I have to admit that no. It is just opposite to the Musée d’Orsay, the Impressionist Museum that was our first choice, and offered dance classes. But we had to wait for more than an hour to enter. Just across the street, the Museum of the “Légion d’Honneur” without queue at the door, was waiting for us. We said yes, and entered with my friends.

Maybe his is a frivolous way to get in touch with history, power, merit. We had recently been in the terrace of the Odéon theater for a drink, and not in the mood to contemplate national glory.

It is a Museum we would never have visited, a friend said, a nice opportunity to do something different!


It is Napoleon the 1rst in 1802 who institutes this way to distinguish citizens for military and civil merit; mostly men, women start to appear in a timid way and now form 20% of the people decorated. It is inspiring to see the example of women at the resistance, artists, scientists, … recognized little by little.

From an aesthetic point of view there was the collection of the Italian Ambassador Spada, with the highest decorations of different countries, in gold and diamonds…

Honor and Glory, are they still important outside a military context? How can I transform them in everyday life to motivate action?

Do we need someone else to acknowledge our merit, for example in the form of a decoration? For the “Légion d’Honneur”, I think you need to wait 40 years. I don’t know how fast you can claim a Nobel Prize.

So if the decoration comes late, how do people maintain their effort for at least 40 years? Do they have a group of supporters? The necessary means?

I would need to investigate this. But as a guess, it could be that they have a sense of purpose. Of contributing something important.

May 12- the “Odéon” theater in Paris

Hello dear May,

I just came back from Odéon, “Thêatre de l’Europe”, one of the 6 Parisian national theaters, where the director and some of the main artistic figures presented next year’s theatrical season. What I loved the most was the 88 year old Michel Piccoli who told us why he became an actor: as a young boy, he was chosen to perform for a school play. It was the first time the adults were stopping their continuous mumbling to pay attention to what he had to say. And he loved it.

Don’t we all need a stage to perform our play, choose the actors and attract the public’s attention? And if my blog is my stage, what do I have to say?

Am I capable to channel feelings, to touch those I like and love? Have my relationships become more profound? Do I know myself better? Have I taken more risks for true love?

I realize how important it is to me to channel feelings on a daily basis.

Have I become more confident in writing? Because you know, I had been discouraged by some people in my profession who criticized my writing style. And this kind of thing blocked me. It has taken away some of the pleasure. Some 🙂

In this respect I haven’t become more productive since I started bloging. Apart from my daily post, my daily chat with you, dear May.

No, I am not going to answer all these questions now. But I will reflect on them.

The difference is that writing a daily post has been a real source of pleasure!

Oh, and here is the theater lobby where we had a drink just after the event 🙂

May 10- crazy, happy, normal, bitter: combinations

Dear May,

I came back late after a drink with a group of friends; the day was full of emotions and challenges so I was slightly anti-social; I finally spent some time talking to E, a mathematician who admitted writing fairy-tales. I don’t expect to publish them he said and considered that a novel should be even trickier to write. In the sense that it asks for much more work and you don’t know if this effort is going to be recognized someday. He said it needs a lot of faith.

I smiled and answered that this represents the way I have been living up to now. Meaning that I don’t have a tangible reword for the hours, work and love I have put in the writing and my other artistic endeavors. But I have faith, and I am a bit crazy. Both these elements allow you to take risks.

What if reality disagrees?

For example, the mentor I have been asking for help is not going to participate in my first project. He said it demands a lot of work, he doesn’t have the time. That was kind of a setback.

Of course, people who have already been recognized receive a lot of demands. They are courted by so many others who would like them to join, support, and appear in their projects. And I am one of them. I understand that they have other things to do.

Still, I could be satisfied because he might come as a guest star at some point, and he might be interested in project B. Why feel discouraged?

Because I’d rather not have to ask. I would have liked for things to unfold easily and naturally, the way rain falls now from the sky in the Parisian rooftops. The way flowers blossom in spring. I would have liked him to come and tell me instead: “April, you have this terrific artistic project, would you like me to join in”?

And then I would have liked B to come and tell me: “April, you are so adorable, please go out with me but without any strings attached, just enough to see if we are any good together. You are free to leave when you feel like it but I hope you never will”.

There, here is what I would like!

Permalien de l'image intégrée

As Paulo Coelho said… 🙂

and I also found a related post in :

April 26 – my philosophy

Dear April,

Today I continued playing in a lower key: for the first part of the day, I planned a meeting with one of my best friends. She used to live in Paris. It was time to catch up, especially since the weather was nice and we enjoyed siting outside. We talked about ourselves, families, friends, plans.

Then, I took a walk by myself, towards the old town: I watched the beautiful view, looked at the clouds passing by and meditated. It is important to be a realist, but also to have dreams and objectives. At least this is my philosophy: to keep my feet on the ground and the head in the clouds.

When there is a will, there is a way. And there is a will, if there is a dream. What is my purpose? I want my novel to be published and then translate it in English.

I also want to create inspiring events that help people find a meaning in their lives.

A meaning that includes being tolerant and loving to others