October 20b- To win at all costs?

Dear October,

I have just won an argument with the man I was in love with two years ago. Was it worth it?

We were never in a relationship, something went wrong with the communication, and we had an almost friendly contact ever since. We met last week, and after he told me about his wonderful holidays with his girl friend, I told him I have fallen in love this summer. Obviously, to someone else. And he didn’t like this.

He directly adopted a patronizing and offensive attitude. I asked him out tonight because I wanted to tell him that.

The thing is, I”won” the battle, and made him lose face, but was it worth it?

Was it mature on my behalf?

Hmm, not quiet.

Why is it easier to tell someone what he has done to displease me than tell him I like him, even if, or despite the things that separate us?

I know what you might say: forget about the war April, wake up, make peace!