October 18, 2015- Oxford Street and cultural differences

Now tell me please October,

have you ever been shopping in Oxford Street? What do you mean you don’t need to? But you know what it looks like. I was really impressed with all these people getting in and out of stores, shopping, …

Absolutely HUGE!

No, I didn’t go shopping, I already feel guilty of spending my economies on moving in and out, following my dreams, etc; so a “re-look-age” as we say in France, was not in the picture.

But I wanted to take a look of the fashion in London. So I went in, out and about. I asked about prices. Let’s say that it was a market study.

How different does it feel compared to Paris?

Well, in terms of clothes, there are the brands you find everywhere, and then of course, even there, some details that make a difference.

Did you know there are so many French in London!

Everytime I go somewhere, I hear people talking French. I also went to Kensington, another area full of Frenchies.

So that I don’t feel “depaysée“, homesick, so to speak.

But I am amazed how close we are with Londoners, and how different.

Everything here comes in bigger quantities. If you ask for a “gâteau au chocolat” in Paris downtown, you get something as big as your small finger. You want a bottle of water, the big one, is 1,5 liters.

Now chocolate cake at Nero’s in London, is huge. And a café latte or a cappuccino are at least twice as big. Bottled water at M&S comes at least as a 2 liter bottle.

I start worrying that I will become two Aprils if I eat in this rhythm…

When I went to a pub, the garçon didn’t come to take the order, I had to go to the counter.

All these cultural differences take some energy but so much the better;

Why bother to travel if we find the same little world we have left behind?

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October 15, 2015: In London!

Hello from London October,

I finally made it! I am so grateful for the help of my friends! Without them I would be still in Paris looking at the pile of my clothes and books and wondering how they would transport themselves… if only tele-transportation were possible! Yes, without friends I wouldnt’ t have moved in and out of Paris.

Can you picture me at 7 in the morning running breathless at the Eurostar queue, with 2 huge suitcases and a small one plus a computer bag a hand bag and another smaller bag? It wasn’t very elegant, it wasn’t Parisian at all. And more the less, I forgot my handbag at the control. Yes. So I had to miss my train go back and recover it and take the next one.

What do you mean why I wasn’t concentrated? Because I didn’t sleep all night trying to decide what was more important to take with me and what could be stored … a friend of mine who sub-lets my place would arrive that very evening and he needed to find the place habitable, clean, tidy, and without my stuff all over…

In any case it is only because five yes 5 people intervened after me that the miracle could take place! My best friend and neighbor who had the keys. Another friend who came to put on a box all the little stuff that was still here and there (from cosmetics to jewellery and a souvenirs …) Another friend who would come to gather a big box and store it in her place. The cleaning lady who would clean up what was left of the mess. And the muscle guy from the shop around the corner who brought down the heavy bags full of documents to throw away. Not to mention the other friends who have helped me the previous days to mail most of my clothes to my parent’s home in the South of France.

Without these friends, where would I be now? Probably in the same spot.

But thanks to them I am in London in my new position. In Central London. I also got a sore throte but I am happy.

It was all so exciting!

And the best is here to come 😉

October 9, 2015- Moving in, out and around the clock

Hello there October,

you know I am moving out of my place in Paris? Why don’t you give me a hand? Haven’t you seen there is absolutely nothing packed yet? As to moving in… I still need confirmation from the real estate agency in London. That they received the first rent.

Or else?

Well, one of my candidate flatmates was kind enough to invite me to his place if I don’t have any. No he doesn’t know me yet. It could be that my Facebook photos are to my advantage. Or that this is a genuinely kind person. It is possible. I shed a tear of emotion yesterday.

Now, how about boxes? The boxes I am to put the staff that needs to move out? Not to be found this afternoon. The shops around the corner had already disposed them.

Yes, I should have asked before. Ok, Ok. I did go to the hairdresser to have a hair cut. But this is necessary to keep me cool. Is it better to arrive in London breathless and with impossible hair?

I wouldn’t think so.

Tomorrow everything will be in its place 🙂

October 5, 2015- How to dissolve haters

Hello October,

I am in the middle of a relocation from Paris to London, and this is going to be the last week of my everyday Parisian lifestyle. This Saturday it was “nuit blanche“, with artistic installations and exhibitions both indoors and outdoors. Our environment and its future was the big underlying question. What a fantastic idea!

Néle Azevedo for example encouraged participants to create a frozen character they could place on the stairs and wait until the sun dissolves this figure in the morning. I like this idea as a metaphor : it is the best method to dissolve haters!

I fell into one or two every now and then. The last two, people who judged my work for a competition I tried to win in March. I only got a chance to read their report today. It just couldn’t be worse! To resume their saying, there was nothing original in my proposal, the quality was bad, my work shouldn’t be considered and I was a fraud in every possible way. Had I only them to count on, I would have thought I was good for nothing in my field.

Nuit Blanche 2015 : le parcours Nord-Est

Well, the thing is this type of haters influence some other people who decide on my artistic funding in France. What should I do? Impossible to fight back. They position themselves as experts.

Maybe that particular position, as an artistic consultant was not for me. Or maybe it is. But another time at another temporality.

Thank you dear haters, for teaching me to love myself better, so I don’t need to prove anything to you. I only need to be creative and look for the right environment to blossom 🙂

So how do you dissolve this influence dear October?

With light of course.

I can hear you say “April just shine and let them DISSOLVE!”

Focusing on something else could also help.

Such as?



September 22, 2015- Playing football inside the bus

Hello September,

yes, I witnessed this scene where two 11 year olds used the bus’ corridor to play the ball; the bus was a bit empty, and finally nobody protested; after all, it is more fun when the bus bumps and turns than on solid ground.

That was distraction enough from my room hunting for my move to London, and the room renting for my place in Paris. I still haven’t told all my friends. But I have started telling my neighborhood. It somehow feels great to see that people in my neighborhood like me.

They are happy for my move though. London has something dynamic about it, and after all, I go for a year. I can be recycled to an even more dynamic and brilliant April. If this is possible!

New Love is waiting over there, I have been told. By David, author and clairvoyant.

So, I can stand a few less “pains au chocolat”.

Although London is full of them I am sure, in case I feel homesick 😉



August 11, 2015- Buy Buy Paris, see you again in September!

Hello August,

where were I these first days? I was travelling towards the South of France, in my hometown, a small place somewhere in the ” Alpes Maritimes. Yes, I will keep it a secret for the moment. Because in this way I can talk about people in the art world without having to reveal my identity or theirs.

People are not as important as situations, interactions, and this is similar to every human being on earth… and different at the same time. That is why we are blogging and sharing experiences.

I plan to stay here for a while and then enjoy the seaside, there are so many beautiful spots in this area!

I also need to release some pressure and forget my plans, let the universe take charge and take a nap!

collioure beach2


July 24, 2015- The day’s mission

Hello dear July,

would you mind taking care of my mail, administrative papers and all the practical things so that I can write my posts and day-dream from time to time? I need to show you how? Oh, forget it, you don’t have the right spirit for detail, I see you more on the beach, drinking a cold beverage and swimming from time to time…

Anyway, I have another mission today. I am to sneak in the Platform, my ancient headquarters, and check if there is any free working space in this huge building, in order to host my new “family”: the smaller artistic platform that has accepted me as a member. The head of the small platform asked me to take a look, so that she could negotiate some space with the Big director.

By the way, here is the small Perrier video that I like, it represents how I feel 🙂


July 16, 2015- Choose a new challenge in hot Paris

Dear July,

today it is hot again, Very hot to my licking, and I have found refuge in the closest semi-airconditioned place. Yes, yes, I know, it is summer of course, but my brain is melting and I look forward to the next rain 🙂

Right now, all I need apart from a cold juice or Perrier is choose my next challenge before a challenge chooses me 🙂



July 14, 2015- Paris welcomes the world, or why I love fireworks

Dear July,

it is our national celebration of the Revolution, so : “Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de Gloire est arrivé!” … and yes, you can watch again the fireworks in this link: http://www.paris.fr/actualites/votre-14-juillet-a-paris-2747

I was there with a group of friends, at the Champ de Mars with many other people, enjoying this revolution of light, fire, music and each other’s company!

The main theme has been “Paris welcomes the World“, with some hints on the 2024 application of the city of light for the Olympic Games. And of course, diversity and multiculturalism. Mexico has been the honorary guest, with present of the Mexican President.

We were multicultural in our group, siting on the grass with some friends and other 500 thousand people. It was too good someone brought apricots and water…

Some were getting up and others would ask them to sit. There were even those who brought chairs from home and a table, naps and glasses for a dinner outside. It was much fun!

Why is it that we love fireworks so much? Is it the light, the fire that brings hope and festive feelings? May be it is the colour and fire in the darkness of the night, a certainty that things will be ok and somehow beauty is possible for everyone!

14 juillet


July 13, 2015- Paris festivities start

Dear July,

festivities for the celebration of July 14 have started, and a friend of mine has just asked if I am going to join a group who will watch fireworks in the area of Versailles 🙂

Well, Paris might be more appropriate since Versailles used to be the king’s headquarters… in any case, I am here at the café, with my projects and writing, in front of my computer. Most normal people are outside, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Inside the café, two other people apart from me: a 55-year-old who is having a one to one relationship with his nose and an elderly couple who compliment each other on their looks.

What the f… are you doing there April? Get out, you might say, go to the fireworks, kiss someone, in the name of the revolution! The computer screen is cold and difficult to embrace.

A whole nation is celebrating. Your projects will still be there tomorrow. And after all, the sun will rise again and night will follow and a new dawn all over again.

Image:  French School, (19th century) - Celebration of the Quatorze Juillet at the Place de la Bastille, Paris, 14th July 1880 (colour litho