August 26, 2021: Something got to change: blossoming

Hello August,

yesterday I caught myself feeling envious when seeing people coming back from holidays. Today I experienced a sense of vertigo and I realised it is psychosomatic. So, yes, I need to get off this negative train and get into another, positive directionl.

My feelings have been bottling up during the last months and I felt I didn’t really have anyone to share them with. I kind of felt alone with my challenges. I also realise that a holiday is not when you don’t do work. It can be more tiring if there is no learning, enjoying, and getting away from potential stressors, even for a while.

I can’t blame everything on the pandemic.

Or, even if it was the pandemic’s fault, I would still need to adapt.

Adapt and grow as a human being, not just adapt 🙂

I used to see some middle aged and old people who looked dry and bitter. They had stories they wanted to share about the terrible things that happened to them. Full of spite and then taking it on to the first innocent or less innocent who might be in front of them.

They could be right, or wrong. The thing is, if we don’t want to turn bitter and dry, and to blossom as human beings, there must be another way to regenerate and continue our path…

Apricot Blossom in Behbahan, Iran

April 9, 2020- Dreams, Present and Future

Hello April,

does it matter how old we humans are, or if we are going through a pandemic for our capacity to DREAM? Is there a future horizon over there, or should we focus on the present, with what it offers in blessings and challenges?

How about both?

Ok, if nothing we have is appreciated, living our life for a perfect future might not be a good idea.

Can we find a balance between a dream that motivates action and an appreciation of the blessings of our present, even in difficult and challenging times?

Maybe we can

Yes we can!

When I try to decide if I have accomplished my goals, I am like, maybe not in the way I was expecting, but yes!

I am still on my way, and it has been a hell of a ride!

I learnt a lot, I have changed, but also remained the same, I have developed more compassion and self acceptance.

This is a good time to evaluate: what is the most important?

What kind of community do I want to belong to, which is both nurturing to me and I also nurture it?

Is there something that needs to change?

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