October 12-13, 2017- Two years in London and getting ahead well

Hello October,

I started my day later, because it felt like I needed to recharge my batteries after a week in high-speed and some stress.

Time for an update:

Two years in London, and I am at the verge of major decisions:

I am moving in to a new place.

I am between jobs and I decided to give it all to find a home for my new artistic project, and myself.

It has been great, although also challenging at times, but it is good to feel I need to shake it up a little bit.

A routine which is comfortable but doesn’t take us further needs to be shaker one way or the other.

So, what I need is a new balance, in a place with more responsibility, where I can find the means and security to put together my mega-artistic project, and of course, to have time for my book.

How about the other aspects of life?


Love has suffered a bit, at least romantic love.

With my full schedule.

On the other hand, love is there everyday in everyday interactions 🙂



July 5- Walking in Paris

Dear July,

I came back home on foot after having been out with some friends for a drink. We started a discussion on the future of the world, and this is not the kind of topic that can end in half an hour. When we checked the time, it was already a past the last metro time.

I was not that far from home, in other words it was a walking distance, so I decided to try it. That was a good moment to reflect on changes and objectives;

The neighborhood is quiet, I felt at ease walking by myself at 2.00 in the morning. But I would have liked someone who would walk with me.

I thought about blogging also. It has been fun, but if I continue, I would like to be clear about my purpose. I would like to have a thread that links the first part, april to june, to the second.

It should be July to September, I decided. In any case, I will submit my application for the second round of the funding, by August 5. Then, results might come by the beginning of october. So there is something very concrete I try to do.

Does it have to do with self-transformation?

Well, I think I need to continue the process, in other words, I need to become the person who will be fit for the type of job, and the type of relationship I would like to experience