July 11, 2020- Day 3 out of 66 for new habit

Hello July,

so, yes, the new habit has to do with feeling confident, capable and happy, in shape and ready to untangle any knot.

The day started creatively, with my new novel, great!

Today I got myself an exam I was postponing and received some of my stuff from Paris because I officially gave up my flat.

A lot of emotions to un-bottle: sadness for the end of my life in Paris, relief to get some of my books, anger at my almost boyfriend with realisation it’s for the best, worry about myself, stress, and also some creativity: writing my new novel.

Yesterday I had a haircut and in this way I did something for myself. I got a call from someone who is flirting but I didn’t pick up the call and then he was nowhere to be found.

Hmm, so in terms of mood things have been on both sides.

How do I focus on the bright positive and true?

How do I focus on my mission?

How do I see myself on the way and empowered?

Music, yes.

Happy memory by the seaside,

Visualise and project to a future of possible party.

To begin with, accept.

If something appears, or disappears, there may be a good reason for that.

And probably, this is the best for me, the time being.

There is a lesson to learn.

So, I am grateful to get it.

let me have my eyes open, to grasp it,

Thanks and again, thanks a lot!

10 bonnes raisons de pratiquer la gratitude


April 17, 2015- Trekking and clearing my mind

Dear April,

thanks to the nice weather you have offered us, I started a new habit in my hometown: a morning trek, or to be more honest, a walk in the beautiful paths nearby.

Don’t imagine anything very sporty: it is a half an hour, or an hour walk, every morning, the last few days. Looking at the beautiful flowers, grass and trees feels so very inspiring!

I like to take nobody else than myself in this brief walk. I barely nod to people or animals which might cross my path. This is a moment to observe and clear my mind from all sort of clutter: thoughts which crowded my mind in my last Parisian days. A spring break’s objective is to bring me closer to spring, and let new ideas emerge!

Sometimes I bring my iPod for some music, or something inspirational. Other times, nothing at all. I keep walking, listening to the birds, smelling the earth and flowers.

Something else I would like to do is to refresh my driving skills. I don’t have a car in Paris, but it is another “physical activity” that helps me feel different. A friend has promised to give me some free lessons in hers, so we will see what will come out of it 🙂

In any case, I realize that I need more play and fun, so the spring break is here to help me change perspective and format my hard drive 🙂


LE printemps en Provence

October 14- Searching for inspiration

Hello October,

thank you for this beautiful sunshine in Paris today, we have benefited during the day from the café terraces, and at night it was still agreeable to be out for a drink 🙂

Now, how about this new habit question? Erika, a co-blogger (http://erikakind.wordpress.com/) has suggested something that makes me happy, and it seems like a great advice because it will be easier to adopt it.

I had some ideas last night, as I was finishing my post actually: I would like something that would give me more chances to interact with other people.

Something like dating? It is definitely interaction. And I have not been dating this month. At least not consciously.

Another idea, is a little dance every morning.

Translating my novel and try to publish it abroad?

This is not exactly a habit, it is a goal.

Give a seminar on a topic I like, for example, read fairy tales to people who might like them. Post something inspiring every morning -Paris time- apart from my evening post -Paris time again;

I might start with the reading seminar idea 🙂

It could be addressed to people in Paris, and why not, also suggest ideas for the blog-sphere?



October 13- My new habit ;-)

Dear October,

with a potential angry wannabe boss, my finances in not a very healthy period, and a lot of creative projects but not a direct way to make a living out of them, I thought this is THE moment for a new habit. A new, energizing, power-filling and clutter replacing habit.

Blogging is wonderful; but I need to keep my motivation high.

A friend suggested cleaning up the house, or getting rid of the unnecessary things that hide here and there.

There is a lot to do in this direction, definitely, but I don’t feel motivated enough;

Another friend suggested getting up early and doing a daily workout; this is great, I have done it before and commit to do it again, but it is not enough for me; I could walk every day for five minutes, at 7.00 in the morning. I could even walk across the street to the closest café and check out if they are already open.

A poem a day? A friend who is a musician, proposed.

Good idea, I would like to read it to someone though;

How about getting to know a new person every day?

It’s ok, but I would have to live with the consequences of that 🙂

And how about running for office?

This is fine also, but it can take too much time, given that I want to continue with my other activities;

Eh, something that I can do everyday, that could be motivating and would stop replace an unhealty habit;

Praying, meditating, looking from the window and appreciating the scenery, nature, …

I have tried this, it’s fine, something new?

Creating an organization with the purpose to help in a specific direction?

I also have decided to go to bed earlier. I will start from this and get an inspiration in my dream!