July 9, 2015- In the mood for action

Hello dear July

Here I am, at one of my favorite Parisian cafés! It is so nice and cool right now, I even wear long sleeves as we speak. This is a real neighborhood. My hairdresser just came by looking for a barber to trim his beard. I suggested another neighbour, next street.

Yes, I agree, there is a need for an update, and I promise to do it thoroughly this weekend. The Istanbul artistic event went well, but there is action needed in order to consolidate the advantages.

Job hunting continues, but I need to be faithful to my artistic projects, even if time is running out, materially speaking. It has to make sense.

Keep cool and act in a very focused way!

And yes, remember to love… 🙂

July 20- Habits: to keep or change?

Hello July,

as I went for lunch to my Sunday café, or Head Quarters, I felt a need for change. B, the guy I was secretly in love with  -maybe it was a secret only for me :-)- was not there. I haven’t run into him for the last two weeks and there was hardly any action; even for someone who dwells in romantic fantasies.

One of my friends commented on my weekend habits; I have two favorite cafés for lunch. I move in a delimited territory for coffee, not bigger than our arrondissement, or neighborhood. Paris is huge, the world is big. Why do I evolve in a small surface? Is it my fascination for B?

Actually it is more than that. Having one or two favorite places gives me a feeling of belonging, even if it is not “real”. A café is a business, not a family, or a group of friends. But still, a neighborhood has its own “soul” and “spirit”.

Cats apparently, get attached to places. And like to mark out their territory for chasing. And not only cats. Maybe I am this type of animal.

At the same time, animals change territory according for example, to weather conditions. They might migrate if what they need in order to stay alive, is not provided anymore.

Maybe it is time for me to change some of my habits and approach.

Is it time to chase in a new territory?

Anyway, my trip to the South of France is approaching 🙂