October 15, 2015: In London!

Hello from London October,

I finally made it! I am so grateful for the help of my friends! Without them I would be still in Paris looking at the pile of my clothes and books and wondering how they would transport themselves… if only tele-transportation were possible! Yes, without friends I wouldnt’ t have moved in and out of Paris.

Can you picture me at 7 in the morning running breathless at the Eurostar queue, with 2 huge suitcases and a small one plus a computer bag a hand bag and another smaller bag? It wasn’t very elegant, it wasn’t Parisian at all. And more the less, I forgot my handbag at the control. Yes. So I had to miss my train go back and recover it and take the next one.

What do you mean why I wasn’t concentrated? Because I didn’t sleep all night trying to decide what was more important to take with me and what could be stored … a friend of mine who sub-lets my place would arrive that very evening and he needed to find the place habitable, clean, tidy, and without my stuff all over…

In any case it is only because five yes 5 people intervened after me that the miracle could take place! My best friend and neighbor who had the keys. Another friend who came to put on a box all the little stuff that was still here and there (from cosmetics to jewellery and a souvenirs …) Another friend who would come to gather a big box and store it in her place. The cleaning lady who would clean up what was left of the mess. And the muscle guy from the shop around the corner who brought down the heavy bags full of documents to throw away. Not to mention the other friends who have helped me the previous days to mail most of my clothes to my parent’s home in the South of France.

Without these friends, where would I be now? Probably in the same spot.

But thanks to them I am in London in my new position. In Central London. I also got a sore throte but I am happy.

It was all so exciting!

And the best is here to come 😉

October 2nd, 2015- My search for the ideal flatmate in London

Dear October,

I welcome you in Paris, but we will see each other again in London by the end of next week! Now, there are a few details to deal with: funding, moving some of my staff, and of course, last but not least, finding the perfect flatmate.

Because I already have the perfect flat. Now, this individual, is someone very respectful. Clean. With personality, but not particularly noisy. Sociable and present, but at the same time, living some space. Letting me use the bathroom first. Being able to pay the rent, responsible. Cultivated and artistically sensitive.

Male or female?

I am not sure about that.

Someone whose life style is somehow in harmony with my own.

With the kind of aura you like to see in the morning.

With something positive about him/her.


So how am I doing? For the time being I have been contacted by two women. And a couple.

I need to learn more about them.

And wait a couple of days.

What do you think I should do?

Flatmate wanted