August 12- Love, friendship, and what is in between

Hello August,

I just watched the film “Date Night”, with Tina Fey and Steve Carell; it was released in 2010 but I could never make myself watch it even though I like comedies. The story of a married couple who tries to find again the spark that united them is not a story I can identify with easily. Not at this time of my life.

But now that I watched it, I see I was wrong. I enjoyed the rhythm, the actors, and found it quiet refreshing.

I have a lot of friends at different points of their relationships. Married, divorced, in love with someone who is or is not responding, with young and restless children; in couples that have transformed into friendships; or single in flirting friendships who don’t know how to qualify the relationship they have with another person.

A new friend I have made gave me an interesting definition of a loving relationship: he told me it can be very demanding because the other person is constantly in your mind; there is a kind of fusion, when it comes to feelings, but also thoughts.

Is love a fusion? A melting pot? Until the fire ceases and then you become a roommate? I have been madly in love, but before getting to know someone closely. When this happened, I was loosing interest.

Up to now, I haven’t experienced what my friend described.

Is this the only way to love?

Love, the way I understand it would involve growth for both people.

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July 19- A reason to get married?

Dear July,

was it serious of me to propose to someone because he is cooking well? I don’t know. I went to a dinner party where a friend of a friend cooked some delicious dishes, everybody loved. Good cooking is not something you find easily these days. I told him, and he seemed to reflect on the idea quiet seriously. He asked what are my talents. What could I bring to this marriage? He is looking for someone to iron his shirts. (He is Italian by the way). I told him I don’t iron well. I am also not a very good housekeeper. But I tell stories.

He also wants to watch “Game of Thrones” without being interrupted. Fair enough. I don’t watch tv myself, but if we manage to get two rooms, that would do. He doesn’t like women who talk a lot. I don’t think I am one of them, I’d rather blog.

Now for the rest, such as attraction, we didn’t bother much. It wasn’t the case for many generations before us. Would he get something in this kind of bargain? I don’t know. It’s up to him to find out.

I need to try more recipes to make sure before I commit myself 😉

Should we be down to earth when it is a question of marriage or expect a romantic feeling that sweeps us off our feet? Is falling in love unrealistic?

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July 6- On relationships and washing machines

Dear July,

I can almost see your doubtful smile, what is the link between friendship and washing mashines?There is a direct one, at least in my case. My new apartment doesn’t have a washing machine installation. And I have a washing machine. Now, there are different options: I can use it as a cupboard, to stock things inside it.

Or, see it as an artistic object and use it for the decoration of the living room, with some creative intervention.

But there is a third solution, where the washing machine will continue its former function. And for this reason, it needed the intervention of a friend who knows his way in plumbing. He found something that connects the washing machine to the shower. And in this ingenious way, I will be able to wash clothes. Isn’t it great?

It has been since the end of February that I have moved here, and he came three times before we were successful. And he is usually available on Sunday’s, but not always. Neither am I.

Today for example, I happened to be free because the friend with her little boy who were to join me for launch, couldn’t come because of the bad weather.

So I went for lunch with S, K and D. C joined us later. We had a good laugh about everything and nothing, birthdays, age, life plans, … Both the guys who were present were taken, but their partners were on holidays with their families. For the three women, between 30 and 40, things were more complicated.

What do you think is going on? Asked my friend S, as he was helping out with the washing machine. He is 28 and he told his girlfriend he was looking for someone to marry. Things were clear for him.

That helps a lot. When I was 28, I thought first and foremost of art. I wanted to be able to express myself. And marriage seemed far away.

Now, I still think of art. But also of life. I like having a family. I like children, brothers and sisters, friends. But first and foremost, with someone who would enjoy being with me, not just anybody who would like to watch the same film for example.

S is right at the same time. Knowing where you want to go is important. That is how we got the better of the washing machine.