January 10, 2021- Post-a-day 6 out of 66- let your hair down

Hello January,

Sunday, I started the day feeling guilty: I meant to finish some work but instead I was in and out of the kitchen. At the same time, my room evolved into a place where a tidiness wizard like Marie Kondo might be needed: a mess.p

Staying so much time at home, it should have been easy to tidy up, my conscience said. But somehow tidiness looked full of difficult choices and having to face the past. Not always what you want to do on a Sunday.

How about my other decisions like cutting on sugar? I continued to have cake and chocolate.

On the second part of the day, I decided to take it easy.

After all, it’s Sunday, I can let myself go and do whatever I please, at home.

Yes, I started a new Netflix series: Lupin, (I just loved it).

On the positive side, I read about healthy nutrition and planning.

Tomorrow, is another day, and after all, writing a post-a-day is already an accomplishment 🙂

December 30, 2020- Making space for what is important, day 14- preparing a zoom party for New Year’s Eve

Hello December,

with the year nearly over, I found myself in a melancholic mood, thinking of things or people or situations I would like to have, or be with, and I don’t.

Was this an excuse for neglecting my hair for some time? The next step was feeling grumpy and starting to criticise two of my friends. That means I really am in a bad mood and look for someone to take the blame. Then I scolded the cat. Then I thought, wait a second: is it worth it?

Is it really time to become “the Grinch” from the homonymous film?

Yes, I have indulged myself to cakes and turkey, and I felt lazy, so the workaholic in me has started the criticism; it was like: “why haven’t you finished the chapter you have promised, neither corrected the copies for your teaching job?”, and then “look at you, what kind of a lockdown degradation is this?” or “why did you push men away with your attitude”? Actually, when I wrote down these critics, I realised they are not very coherent. This reveals their lack of pertinence and the BS they involve.

Wake up April! I told myself. Have your hair done, and prepare a nice réveillon or “réveillon de la Saint Sylvestre”, or New Year’s Eve! Take care of your surroundings and open up a Marie Condo book, to make Santa feel welcome!