November 18- Being the best and taking it easy :-)

Dear November,

I am expecting friends to visit and felt overwhelmed between cleaning up the house, keeping on track with my goals and taking some time for myself.

A lot of things have been accomplished, but the side of me that is critical, is not completely satisfied: is this good enough? There is an ideal of “perfection” that is hiding somewhere, ready to say a word.

I could compare this to the feeling I had as a child when I first stepped into a huge library. Is it ever possible to read all these books? And then, shouldn’t I, if I am a good pupil or student?

One of my teachers laughed at me and told me that with the time I will realize a lot of things are not worth reading, so that limits the number to quiet few in the end.

Maybe this is a bit arrogant, but at the same time it is a way to limit options and make a choice: what is important to me today?

Or, how do I follow an objective and at the same time stay cool?

It’s like being a tender mother to ourself, encouraging and loving no matter what, and at the same time giving ourself incentives to grow and get off  the beaten track 😉

Love Yourself Step 21.jpg