January 8, 2021- Post-a-Day, Day 4- Life path, love, past and future

Hello January,

Yes, I feel again energy to set goals and optimistic that they are realised day by day!

What if our goals are not in the same direction with those of our social circle or family?

Hmm, then, maybe we can try to find common ground, I would say. I have felt the tension for a few years, with my family wanting me to live nearby and myself wandering around, and the worst not having much material evidence to prove my choice was a good idea.

In any case, being an artist and wanting to “create” one’s world is a path with tensions and tears, but also joy.

Then what, should I have stayed at home?

We’ll never know, but I have read that a ship is not made to stay in the harbour, so as a young person, we are meant to face our own struggles, learn and give our best!

It doesn’t matter how we fail as long a s we learn for next time!

How about Love then, have I learnt anything?

I have loved and hurt, my big love is now living with another woman and they have a child together. He hates being with her, but he made his choice. And I think it is the right one, because he is used to toxic relationships and I am not.

Despite my attraction for toxic people, I catch myself and get back to my path. And in this path, I am optimistic that love without a toxic side is possible. Love where you are happy to see the other person grow, and where a partner, a parent, a friend is not someone who is putting us in prison, but someone with fly along with.