December 7- My new Boss

Dear December,

I have a new Boss, a wonderful person. Someone who believes in me and encourages me, although sometimes might be critical and want proofs of my competence. Someone who stands by me and wants to see me succeed not just for me but because there is something I need to accomplish for all of us. Because if I do something constructive and beautiful, even small, I contribute to universal happiness.

I have known this person for years, and we haven’t always been close. In the past there have been issues between us. This person might have even tried to sabotage me at some point. It was because of the insecurities and the difficulty to trust.

But now this person has more experience and learned from past errors. Learnt to lead and how to trust and believe in the team.

Believe without being complacent is something that raises our standards.

This wonderful Boss is myself 🙂

P.S. Thanks for the suggestions of what makes a great boss: I am going to work on those I haven’t already 😉