July 14, 2020- Day 6 out of 66 for new habit

Hello July,

big celebration in France since we celebrate the French Revolution which brought the end of monarchy and the beginning of Constitutional Democracies!

The idea of Equality, Freedom, Fraternity are born there!

How do we implement them today? How do we respect them?

We can or not, like Revolutions, but a personal Revolution is what we need to shake things up!

Have I shaken things up today?

To be honest, I have worked from home, marking something my students did.

But I feel there is more space to it.

I feel I need a holiday, but with the pandemic and everything, it is difficult to decide what to do, and where to go far from our village.

Get up and dance could be the thing to do!

Zoom with friends who also dance and celebrate!

July 14, 2015- Paris welcomes the world, or why I love fireworks

Dear July,

it is our national celebration of the Revolution, so : “Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de Gloire est arriv√©!” … and yes, you can watch again the fireworks in this link:¬†http://www.paris.fr/actualites/votre-14-juillet-a-paris-2747

I was there with a group of friends, at the Champ de Mars with many other people, enjoying this revolution of light, fire, music and each other’s company!

The main theme has been “Paris welcomes the World“, with some hints on the 2024 application of the city of light for the Olympic Games. And of course, diversity and multiculturalism. Mexico has been the honorary guest, with present of the Mexican President.

We were multicultural in our group, siting on the grass with some friends and other 500 thousand people. It was too good someone brought apricots and water…

Some were getting up and others would ask them to sit. There were even those who brought chairs from home and a table, naps and glasses for a dinner outside. It was much fun!

Why is it that we love fireworks so much? Is it the light, the fire that brings hope and festive feelings? May be it is the colour and fire in the darkness of the night, a certainty that things will be ok and somehow beauty is possible for everyone!

14 juillet