July 20, 2020- Day 9 out of 66 for habit change- dream of Japan

Hello July,

it feels like summer with the temperature rising slightly. How is it going for you? Enjoy yourself while here with us.

I am trying the same thing. Waking up early, taking a walk and had a latte and some almonds.

Hmm, I feel very excited, but there are some things which need to be done as marking for example, and my head is refusing to obey and concentrate.

I am not going to force.

I will start by following my wildest imagination. And write a couple of pages for my new book, an adventure, taking place in different parts of the world.

Especially now that our movements are restricted with the pandemic, taking a virtual trip and seeing all the details of it is somehow the best thing!

Next step, looking at pictures of beaches.

Right now I am in Japan, a place I have not visited yet, but my imaginary self is having sushi by the seaside right now 🙂

Relaxing cruise on Seto Inland Sea with Guntu Floating Hotel

Guntu – a floating Hotel In Japan on the Seto Inland Sea

August 19, 2019- Back to my hometown and to “Capitaine Fracasse”

Hello August,

I am back to the hometown café, with my head full of the beatiful landscapes of the French Riviera, and longing for the seaside. But I need to leave my novel and go back to a working mood, which is not all phantasizing and imagining oneself in these imaginary situations of the Capitaine Fracasse’s adventures. What is better than to revisit the classics of the French Litterature in this book by Théophile Gautier before the summer ends?

June 7, 2018- Romance in a busy week

Hello June,

how do you know if something is a romance and not a creation of your imagination? Especially when you have an inclination for daydreaming and creating artificial realities…

And on top of that, when you are busy…

Hmm, let’s see.

The best thing is to relax and let things happen in their own rhythm I guess…

It is like waiting results from an exam.

Have I passed?

Instead of thinking about it, let’s do something else and the result will come in any case 🙂

This is London romance by the way 😉


June 27 and 28, 2017-The limit of our language is the limit of our world

Hello June,

yes, I read a philosopher who said that: the limit of our language, is the limit of our world. Isn’t that food for thought?

So, how can I expand my language, my vocabulary, my means of expression?

Poetry is one way: both writing and reading poetry.

Doing poetry, being poetry,

words, expressions, let’s use as many tools and let’s change them so that they become and we transform ourselves in the process!



June 21, 2017-Moving forward

Hello June,

how do we move forward? Is for example moving forward going towards New York or California? Just to take an example.

Is moving forward going North or South?

It all depends on the objective, no?

But is the destination that counts or the fact that we move?

It seems like moving is important.

Towards a goal.

If you have lived all your life in Paris, maybe it’s good to see something else.

Despite the fact that half of the world’s population dreams to get there.

If you are born in New York you need to get out of there also.

I don’t use examples from other places, which could be just wonderful or horrible for different reasons.

And stability?

Do we have to travel around the world then?

I guess that moving from the couch to the desk we are writing is a huge move for someone who travels in thought 🙂

voyager en pensée



May 21- the moment before the transformation: Lyndi Sales

Hello dear rainy May,

this was a challenging day because I went to an exhibition where my mentor-to-be was presenting some of his own work. It felt difficult to face him after he refused to participate to my first project, last week. At the same time, I run into people who are examining another of my proposals. People who decide if they like it or not. If they like me or not.

It is not easy to feel judged. For me. There is a part, that wants to blend in, be accepted and recognized by my reference group, peers, etc. There is another part that wants to follow my instincts. This could make me look different. But it is me.

Just after, I went to lunch with someone who is coming from my hometown, we had met when I was planing to move to Paris and was looking for advice. We had a lot to catch up. I am happy for the path I have taken. Still, talking about the challenges I faced in the past, made me feel uncomfortable. Because I have tried to affirm an independent stance, to defend the territory I was creating.

My label.

And it is still not solid enough. Or is it?

I realized I need to focus on connection. To go towards those with whom I have an understanding. To forget about those who don’t want to understand.

Easy to say, but we are all part of the Platform, I can’t ignore this reality.

Maybe Lyndi Sales, the South-African artist, is giving an answer. I run into an installation of her work by accident and looked for more information on-line.

Lyndi Sales  talks about “Real Imaginary” and works on the limits of our perception. With the object to grasp the moment that precedes a transformation. She evokes a multitude of parallel universes that reflect, influence and respond to each other.

Vesica Piscis – ontology
aquarelle sur papier Fabriano et découpage
102×156 cm – 2014




Her work is presented in the art gallery of Maria Lund in Paris: 48, rue de Turenne 75003 Paris – T. +33 1 42 76 00 33 – galerie@marialund.com