January 13, 2021-Post-a-day, day 9 of 66-Procrastination, post-holiday syndrome and change

Hello January,

yes, I have been procrastinating all morning, despite loads of work I need to finish. Somehow, my brain refuses to focus. Could it be the extra amount of sugar in the post-holiday sugar hangover?

Most probably, yes.

So, what? Should we damp the rest of the last huge cake?

I have taken a step by step adaptation to every day life, but I realise I need extra measures. For example, for the next holiday, whenever this may be, I could plan something else than eating and Netflixing, with or without a lockdown.

Like becoming a TaiChi instructor, (I have practiced for a few years), or learn how to paint online and produce something, or go for walks and discover areas I didn’t know existed in my neighbourhood.

In any case, something that my body would help me for.

And my brain.

But it makes no sense crying over spilt milk, apparently.

So, what is done, is done.

So, before I get back to work, I will plan a future dream holiday.

And just after, I start doing something, like the outline of a chapter 🙂

Best Luxury Destinations For 2021 Maldives

August 16, 2019- Short holiday in the South of France

Hello August,

yes, I managed to take some last-minute holidays, yes, I decided it in the afternoon, I was out there next morning. Where? In the South of France of course, close to my hometown.

Just to remind you, my parents live up in the mountains, it’s a long drive to the seaside. And with this and that, family issues, aunt dying at the end of July, holidays were the last thing.

But there is a moment when enough is enough: and I was like, yes I am going NOW!

I started calling here and there, you can imagine that everything is reserved mid-August, in one of the most touristic areas. And yes, my friends have made plans ages ago, there was no way I could join. My love prospects also.

I met someone charming who has just started working and whose job will include touring France.

Hmm, so yes, a last-minute room in Saint-Tropez with a cousin who owns a small but charming hotel in the area.

And you must keep in mind that I am kind of broke these days.

Still, believing in your luck, or making connexions might save the day, and find oneself looking at this beautiful scenery without knowing how it happened. I accepted to help out to return the favour, but still, I got a chance to swim and fool around enough to make it worth the while.

And dance, of course, dance!

Yes, it has been a wonderful breath of fresh air, a way to recharge my energy, after a studious, hot and full of events summer!

Saint Tropez -- city of luxury in South France

August 12, 2017-Going South-French Riviera time

Hello August,

Isn’t it great to go for a swim on a hot day of August? Enough of London and of rainy days, welcome South of France!

This is not exactly where I have been but being close to the sea is enough to recharge my energy.

And yes, in my new Samurai attitude I do wake up early and I have a lot of work to do. There is a deadline for the 17th of August already and another one beginning of September.

But I take it easy 🙂




August 11, 2015- Buy Buy Paris, see you again in September!

Hello August,

where were I these first days? I was travelling towards the South of France, in my hometown, a small place somewhere in the ” Alpes Maritimes. Yes, I will keep it a secret for the moment. Because in this way I can talk about people in the art world without having to reveal my identity or theirs.

People are not as important as situations, interactions, and this is similar to every human being on earth… and different at the same time. That is why we are blogging and sharing experiences.

I plan to stay here for a while and then enjoy the seaside, there are so many beautiful spots in this area!

I also need to release some pressure and forget my plans, let the universe take charge and take a nap!

collioure beach2


December 1- A Christmas Kiss

Welcome December!

you brought us some cold, it feels like Christmas is really close, and Parisian streets decorated become magical!

Just to present myself, I am April, writer and artistic event organizer, with an ex-wannabe boss, and a lot of ideas.

Please don’t take it personally, but I might address myself also to Santa Claus from time to time and fill him in considering my wishes. There are a lot of needs in this world, but Santa has a way with things and I am sure he manages to reply to all the lists.

Now, the first thing on my list would be a Christmas kiss by a loved one.

(I promise to fulfill someone else’s wish and give a Christmas kiss on my side)

And then we’ll see. There is time!


September 6- In Paris!

Welcome September,

Would you like me to introduce myself? I call myself April, since I started this blog four months ago, with the objective to transform some aspects of my life; so that I find true love and make a living out of my passion for writing! In the first four months I have fallen in and out of love and in love again, I have succeeded in passing the first stage of a funding competition and organized an artistic event at the South of France! I have applied for the second stage and now wait for the results.

But waiting is not the only thing to do!

I just returned to Paris, after more than a month spent at the South of France! Well, mostly in my hometown, a small town at the mainland. But I also had and some beautiful days by the seaside 🙂

How is it to get back home? I will be honest, I am happy to find my whereabouts, favorite cafés, neighbors, etc. If only I had someone to clean up, organise my closets and put some order into my stuff and mind, my comeback could have reached a stage of perfection.

When it comes to goals, I need a holiday from my holiday! Hometown visits are not always relaxing, but a different form of challenge could also be a vacation 🙂

Right now I am sitting in my Sunday favorite place, trying to set new goals for the next three months to come!

Autumn here I come!



August 13- Love, friendship and what is in between (2)

Dear August,

As I rest for a few days at my parent’s home, between boredom, pleasure to see my family and high temperatures, I reflect on my recent experiences and try to make some sense. Alexandre, my 3 year and a half old godson, is a great source of inspiration.

Alexander met his recent love at the beach. It was a love at first sight and they became close in an instant. Despite his friend’s efforts to drown him and sand thrown in his eyes, nothing altered his feelings.

How long is this love going to last? Until he goes back home from holidays?

Do we fall in love that easily as we grow up? And when we do, when we keep this instinctive reaction can we trust our heart?

I have recently met a man with whom I have become great friends. Almost as easily as Alexandre did. It was during his holidays, and now he is back home. We talked for hours and hours. Is this a summer love, a friendship or something more?

The feeling of “meeting” someone, is so great! We find out that we share a common interest, something of value to both. If I love ice cream, and this person is an ice-cream flavor creator, it follows that I feel delighted to get to know him.Then we see that communication is easy.

If the meeting is brief, we don’t have the time to bother about our differences. When Alexander’s friend did something he didn’t like much, he decided to respond in the same way, but this was part of the game, and didn’t change at all his feelings. What do we do as grown ups regarding our differences?

Do we manage to create relationships after the first enthusiasm? Can feelings of love and friendship outlast our holidays?

April19- Easter chocolate

Dear April,

yes, it is Easter in my family, and we spent much time cooking and discussing tomorrow’s lunch.

Apart from my parents, two aunts are going to be present.

You want to know if I advanced with my projects?

Yes, I got in tough with my US mentors. Both agreed that they will help my first application next week. I spent the afternoon on skype with mentor no 1, discussing possible ways to get me a funding or job based on my experience.

Both of them are interested in coming to Paris for a tour. The only thing I need is to convince the Big Boss of the platform.

I went out for coffee and smiled here to new faces that appeared -yes, it is also possible in my hometown- but I seemed devoted to my emails and didn’t know how to establish a contact.

I also start to feel impatient, I somehow need more action, and chocolate bunnies are probably those who will pay the price of this impatience.