September 8th, 2021: Respecting our rhythm

Hello September,

Yes, I am in London again where everything is fast, and people are slowly but steadily going towards their pre-pandemic life styles; with precaution, vaccination and masks in the underground.

I still feel stressed, after living with my parents in our village at the South of France. It sounds idyllic, but with the lockdown and my mum’s health issues, it was difficult to keep the balance.

So, here I am, and I feel like a real holiday is in order: the kind of thing where you allow yourself to just BE, living fully in the PRESENT and admiring the birds, the food, the beach, each other, etc…

Without any form of guilt:

Rest and healing is not a luxury it is a necessity!!!

Holiday, here I come!!!

Brighton seafront looking west from Brighton Palace Pier

June 7- the surprise visit

Hello dear summer June,

Saturday morning, I found another surprise opening my email box : T, a friend from Geneva was going to be for his work in Paris on Thursday, and was asking me if he could stay in my place. He was travelling with a colleague who would stay with his family. Had I opened this email address a few days ago, I would have seen it.

They were to arrive on Sunday; what was I to do? I like T, we have known each other for the last few years, and we had been living in the same student’s residence, la Cité Universitaire, in Paris, for a while. He then found a job in Switzerland, and has been working there ever since. He is an intelligent man. There was a flirtatious attitude on his side back at the time we were both students. He wasn’t my type of man back then.

What does that mean? I have no idea. I liked him as a person, but was not attracted to him.

But after all: why not have a friend around for the long weekend, and visit the city with the fresh look of a tourist?

I decided to email back: yes!

It would be a good excuse to clean up the house and put some order on my manuscripts and different projects that have invaded my small apartment.

So I was running around, also looking for a summer dress to wear.

The temperature rose suddenly in the city, and it really felt like summer!

April 20- challenge

Hello April,

How do I keep positive thoughts for 10 days when I participate in my hometown and family lunches and dinners? There is a family and hometown dynamic with its own rhythm.

After an intensive eating, drinking and chocolate consuming, family conversations form a bubble. It is a challenge not to let oneself being absorbed by the group.

I went for a walk by myself; it was sunny and beautiful, visited my primary school, said hello to the spring roses, the butterflies and had coffee at my favorite café.

Called friends who live in the area and planned to meet up in the next few days.

Did some reading.

Emailed a guy I like back in Paris.