May 28, 2015- Me, my blog and I

Dear May,

it has been a long day full of meetings, projects, job hunting, and friends. Finally, I am glad to be in front of my computer, just to say hello to my blog and let my feelings unfold. Have you ever been to a party where you talked, had a lot to eat, drink, got tired, felt your shoes hurting you, and just wanted to get rid of them?

Sure it was great, it was fun.

And yet, it is soo good to have a moment alone, quiet, … a form of luxury… just before going to bed.

As a normally busy street late at night or… early in the morning.

Time to let the thoughts of the day evaporate slowly, to start closing your eyes… to relax.

Have a “tisane”, an herbal tea. That’s what I am going to prepare and you are welcome.

Chine Thé de pétale de rose de tisane de Rosebud pour améliorer la circulation de sang fournisseur

November 14- If you value yourself, the world values you :-)

Dear November,

I spent the biggest part of the day preparing a report for the wannabe boss. The idea was to explain to him my activities as an artistic event organizer for last year, and the ideas I have for 2015. One of the secretaries came by to tell me she overheard he is not happy with the way I spent part of the budget. I promised it to a big art exhibition this summer, and for some reason he was not happy with that.

I felt in a mystery novel, in Kafka’s Castle, or another bizarre château, full of intrigues, treasons, talking behind closed doors, etc. There is a part that is inspiring for a novelist, and another part, in everyday life that is challenging.

In any case, I realize that I have a purpose that inspires me: to work on uplifting artistic expositions, that stimulate creative responses in challenging times. This sounds general, but still, I can find concrete ideas to objectivate it.

And for this reason, a very central place is important, it could be the Platform, or a place at the crossroads of artistic events, but I also need some people who are happy to work with me and trust me.

Right now I am drinking a form of herb tea, “Yogi tea” and there is an inscription on it, that says: “The moment you value yourself, the whole world values you”.

It sounds so true!

So I guess everything falls into place when I get to see the larger picture. And the larger picture is my goal and the means I need to accomplish it. And the person I become taking this path 🙂