November 6, 2017-Birthday month and how you got to be ;-)

Hey November,

for me it’s like a beginning of a New Year, so it is time for an update: am I taking the path of self-development?

Because this is independent of age, in my eyes.

Hm, more fun? More interaction with significant people?

And all the practical questions that go with it.

But first and foremost, let’s face it:

My heart’s desire is writing.


So, no matter what, the day should include this.

Every night.

And then, sharing!

How do you meet your practical needs if you follow your heart’s desire?

It should be automatic shouldn’t it?

Let’s see how it goes.


March 3, 2016: day 32 out of 60 day challenge- my first book in French will be out!

Dear March,

I am so very happy because my first book in French, will be out soon! It is practically self-publishing but we shqre some of the expenses with a small family publisher from my hometown in the South of France.

And there is a presentation involved at the local bookstore!

It might be a small step towards the realization of my heart’s desire, but a very significant one.

Writing has been my almost favorite activity since I were a kid. During my adult years I found myself in the art-world in Paris, organizing exhibitions for a Platform. This is very interesting but I got stuck with a wannabe boss and not a very creative environment.

Was it the decision to move to London which triggered the change? I somehow decided to act and publish my first novel. The family publishing house could be a small dot in the publishing world. And my book like a message in a bottle.

But when someone opens it, a story told from the heart might pop up 😉

book page heart of love on bokeh blur hd wallpaper desktop background hd 1920x1080

February 11, 2016: Day 14 of 60 day challenge- our heart’s desires

Dear February,

love is in the air, St Valentine approaching and the big question for me is: do I know my heart’s desire when it comes to love? Because you may order a tiramisu and while having it realize it was chocolate panacota you wished for after all.

By the way, I had an excellent chocolate panacota in London yesterday night.

So now, how do you access this information?Introspection? Making lists? Asking for advice? Intuition? Feeling?

Falling in love is one way. Love at first sight. For some reason, you want a person. It could get better and better. Or not. If one projects her personal wishes into a person without seeing who is in front of them for real.

Ok, but for example, getting to know what I like, I like for example people who take care of the physical aspect of things. Who have a sense of beauty, esthetics. And this doesn’t mean liking a particular body type or facial structure. Or hair.

Or getting a nice feeling, like creating something together. It could be having a good time while drinking coffee or tea, since I am in London.

Or sharing other nice moments.

Be in communication.

Does one have to think about the life style one wants?

A couple of friends will have their sixth child soon. Organization is needed.

Another couple of friends, lives with four cats. This limits their movement because they always take them with them.

How about when you follow the wind and put as a priority your artistic project? What kind of panacota mathes that?

September 30- Monthly Update

Dear September,

instead of goodby, I would like to summarize some important thoughts you have inspired to me!

a. I am living on a beautiful planet, member of a galaxy, that belongs to the universe

a. I need to follow my heart’s desire in order to be on the right orbit: writing to begin with and creating dreams that can become reality for me and others

c. I need the right environment to flourish; find the people for me, the context, the love, … in a way that they make me grow; those who don’t can simply fade away, they are not part of my story

d. I am a Tiger -among other things- capable to roar, but I also like to play and get some rest as a big cat.

Thank you September,

à bientôt 😉


September 8- Looking into the mirror of my dreams

Dear September,

What is my heart’s desire? This is the question I tried to answer today.

I stayed home and this gave me the time to browse my past journals. (By the way, yes, I am an adict to journals in every possible form: paper, electronic, …)

It was as if I was looking into the mirror of my past dreams.

Here is what I realized about myself:

a. My dream number one when I was 20 was to become a writer!

b. Writing is one of the activities that give me most pleasure!

c. Writing a blog is already great!

d. Writing a novel has filled my heart with joy!

e. Publishing it is my next objective!

Somehow, my heart’s desire became secondary all these years because I was looking for an occupation that would give me a sense of material security. And becoming an artistic event organizer was the solution, but it has not given me the material security I was hoping for.

Don’t get me wrong September, I enjoy what I do. And getting to know artists and their work is a source of inspiration anyway.

But this occupation can only come second; fullfilling my no 1 heart’s desire shouldn’t keep waiting any more.

It is as if I didn’t expect to succeed in this and didn’t want to give it a try.

As if I were in love with someone I found too attractive, or great or … for me, so I would date someone else. Or not trying to live in my favorite neighborhood because it was not possible and I would look for an apartment in another area.

Why not simplify life and try for what I really like, instead of my second or third choice?

Why not say what I have to say, instead of waiting for others to guess it?

Why not use my internal compass to take my to the right direction?

P.S. Here is what Melody Nunez is suggesting in her interesting page, and I intend to try it (