December 31st, 2020- Making space for what is important, day 15- Gratitude

Dear December,

a time to think of the year that passed, and be thankful to still be here, that despite anything, close members of the family are more or less ok, that the Christmas tree is still standing despite the cat attacks, and for much more…

In the middle of everything, I got myself a job with nice co-workers, which is one of the most important things for me… and it is also because good friends advised me and guided me along the way… so yes, 2020 also had its share of extremely important moments to grow …

Looking at the year to come, I still have some debt, I still need to help out with a parent with ill health, and I still feel I haven’t a “home” for myself, since I have been wondering between two countries at least in the last three years… some of my clothes are in London, others in Paris, and some in my suitcase because there was not enough place in my parents’ closet.

On the other hand, isn’t this a sense of freedom? I can take my suitcase and go…

How about love?

Wonderful friends, parents, and quasi-pets (I am their “godmother’ since they aren’t exactly mine).

So far, so good.

And next year?

Next year will be tomorrow.

A BIG THANK YOU to 2020 for the challenges but also the tools to face them and make it through, and lots of LOVE to all who struggle to all who don’t know the way, to all of us!

We can make it, just hang in there another moment, another hour, things also change for the better!!!

January 11, 2018-Back to London and to a faster pace ;-)

Hello January,

hello London, I am back here, with my morning coffee, and my job starting today. I love this morning time when I get a chance to dream and to plan, and to float over the rooftops.

So, here I am, and if my coffee time is here to stay, let’s see what else is going to change!

Let’s start with a Harland Miller painting because it makes me smile 🙂