October 31, 2017- Halloween origins and reasons to celebrate

Hello October,

Halloween is around the corner, and although it was not in my tradition to celebrate it, I looked around for information. Apparently, the origins go back to the ancien Celts, so it is well rooted in the UK where I happen to live right now.

Something I could relate with? Apparently, for the Celts, November 1st was New Year’s Eve, and something is dying for something else to be born, as winter is coming.

So I take it as a new beginning, and a day with mystery and magic, which I rather enjoy.

Especially with a nice desert and with a glass of wine.

At least I am waiting to see what my friends have in mind, who will celebrate it tonight and invited me over!

October 30, 2015- Halloween and late hours at the office

Hello October

with no internet connexion at home and no telephone I stay late at my new Platform office until late. For someone addicted to the wifi it is a big deal to be wireless.

So, what news? You might ask.

I had lunch with my new Platform’s artistic director who seemed to like my project. He has been very diplomatic considering funding, and to be honest I don’t know what that means. Will he move his little finger?

I couldn’t tell.

I am a bit exotic to him but I trust in some form of Providence that is present whenever I follow my instinct. Whenever I do things I don’t usually do.

So have a clementine (for vitamin C) and a piece of chocolate (for the pleasure) April and let the universe take charge! Let your imagination run wild!

Go celebrate Halloween and have fun!