January 15, 2021-Post-a-day, day 10 out of 66- what happens when you skip a day?

Hello January,

what happens when you skip a day when you want to install a new habit? self-flagellation like in the Medieval times? When people were walking and hitting themselves for their wrongs and sins?

Well, maybe there are other new versions of that.

Instead, it could be, yes, I did, but I also had a very productive day. Should I start over? Maybe I should, actually. So, I had a reason.

Now what practically?

I suggest that I continue and I add the number of days I missed, so, instead of 66, 67 days

What else? Something fulfilling to relax instead of watching a series.

What could that be?

I was drawing a few years back, I could do it again,

Sending my poems to this interesting poet I met last year in London

Developing my. blog and creating ebooks,

That is something I can do, actually 🙂



January 5, 2021- Committing to daily journaling, Day 1 of 66

Hello January,

yes, I commit to writing every day for the next 66 days to install this habit in the New Year!

Why? Because I have found it to be transformational in the past and it helps me being aware of what is going on in me and around me.

Getting up a bit earlier and getting off apps and online games, regulating Netflix could also help.

I decided not to make a difference this year and to show appreciation for myself, doing something nice for me every day, in all the possible ways:


Rest and Sleep



Training the mind- imagination and memory, Art

Relationships- helping others- Community

Pumpering myself -Beauty and Security

So, to begin with, I start with nutrition, cutting down on sugar (cakes and other desert) by not buying any more and sticking to one cookie and a couple of chocolates.

Wouldn’t it be more radical to just stop?

Hmm, I am more of a believer of a step by step installation of a new habit

Let’s see how it goes!