November 3rd, 2015- Socializing on Tuesday: should I go out or not?

Yes November I know: it is only Tuesday and if I want to get up early and start working on my project I should just go to sleep early. Be in bed at 22.00, 23.00 with my eyes closed. But I have these friends visiting from Paris and they have friends in London. Shouldn’t I make new acquaintances? It is not as if I knew awful lot people right now…

The thing is also they are at the other end of the city. Do I feel like commuting for an hour? Am I going to be out of balance financially if I start to go out here and there in the middle of the week?

I don’t know how big the temptation will be. For now I feel slightly hungry and I try to take the best rational and emotional decision.

So April how does it feel like for you?