November 2nd, 2020-Making time for what is important, day 7

Welcome November, birthday month!

I started the day with fruit juice, exercised, read something and even went to run small family errands while taking a short walk; before emerging myself in my online work environment, my laptop screen.

I was zen before my father came up with a list of things for me to do, urgent, in his view, while I made it clear I could deal with them from Thursday.

I realised I got angry, like feeling nothing is enough for this family to be satisfied in this quasi-adult situation. But why did I get mad after all? Because deep down, I guess, I still wait for my parents approval. Here, there are two choices: either I try to respond to every demand they make, asap. This will not make them happier, it will just make me exhausted and frustted. Or, I can put my limits and give myself an accolade for doing this.

So, my adult self, instead of getting angry with myself should be: well done, girl, this is a way to behave as a quasi adult. The ideal adult wouldn’t gat mad, I guess. She would smile and make a philosophical comment on the fact that we can’t satisfy everyone all the time.

What if nobody likes us that way? Well, we need at least to make sure we give us a vote, so that will make one person. And if a second, or a third one comes, so much the better.

So, yes, April, you did great. You are a lovable, inter-dependent woman, who knows when to take a break with a cup of coffee in the sun, (it’s autumn so we should make the best of it) and when to think that x or y is an emergency.

And for this, I grant you a piece of 85 percent sugar, dark chocolate 🙂