September 22, 2015- Playing football inside the bus

Hello September,

yes, I witnessed this scene where two 11 year olds used the bus’ corridor to play the ball; the bus was a bit empty, and finally nobody protested; after all, it is more fun when the bus bumps and turns than on solid ground.

That was distraction enough from my room hunting for my move to London, and the room renting for my place in Paris. I still haven’t told all my friends. But I have started telling my neighborhood. It somehow feels great to see that people in my neighborhood like me.

They are happy for my move though. London has something dynamic about it, and after all, I go for a year. I can be recycled to an even more dynamic and brilliant April. If this is possible!

New Love is waiting over there, I have been told. By David, author and clairvoyant.

So, I can stand a few less “pains au chocolat”.

Although London is full of them I am sure, in case I feel homesick 😉