May 11, 2016- Post day 16: preparing for a new trip to France and questions on love

Yes dear May,

what do you mean again? This time the trip to France is for my work: our team in London has an artistic project with some local artists. Believe it or not, after so many years living in Paris, I haven’t yet been to Rouen although it is only an hour or so by train. I am looking forward to visiting the famous cathedral and the historical old city.

But there is also a presentation of our artistic project I will need to do and this is not finished the time we are speaking. Why? I had some romantic questions on my mind. Am I in love again?

I am looking for the symptoms in the same way as I look for symptoms of the flu. I could be.

The situation concerns a Portuguese artist who is temporarily in London and we have become closer lately. But I realize that I have started thinking of him quiet a lot. Our approach to art is very different. He seems to be critical of mine and this is kind of tiring, to be honest. On the other hand I find him attractive.

Other people in my place would have taken action, been to hundreds of tinder rendezvous… Instead I have intellectual conversations with international artists which have not evolved into something romantic, … yet.

June 4- World Cup

Dear July,

I found myself in a cafĂ© where two of my friends were following the match between France and Germany for the World Cup. Actually I arrived only half an hour before the end of the game. I had to resolve some issues concerning the funding of the artistic event in the South of France. I hope it wasn’t my absence that cost our national team its place to the semi-finals.

Am I a football fan? Not exactly. I would have liked our country to win of course. But I didn’t know I could get passionate about it, and how stressful it can be once you have a favorite side. It shouldn’t be easy for those who are siting on the bench, especially the team coaches.

Anyway, one of the reasons for this interest was that B is a sports fan. In case we won, I would have had an excuse to text him. Not anything specific, that would betray my ignorance. Something like well done… Well, the chance didn’t present itself.

It is already important that the team got so far… Next time!

And maybe I need to resolve my dating questions without the help of the national football team!

France Team 2014 world cup