May 20- “Bath in motion” and how to hit on a guy

Dear May,

I was going to call it a day, after having woke up at 5.30, been to the Platform, the artistic event Matrix I belong to…  I put some posters for the next exhibition I prepare on Thursday, and had a few business meetings.

It felt so much better to have texted B, to have told him that I like him as a person, regardless of what this might mean for the future. It is as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

So, when I came back home, all I wanted was to relax and maybe talk to some friends. K who had just come back to Paris called and we agreed to meet for a drink. She is going to a job interview tomorrow and probably needed some moral support.

We were to meet somewhere in the center of Paris. But, as I was walking towards our meeting point, I noticed an event was taking place in a beautiful Bath store. “B’Bath” offers the concept of “Bath in motion”, associated to well-being. We were welcome for a cocktail, and admired the way a bath can bring us a feeling of harmony, while drinking wine and tasting strawberries in an envelope of dark chocolate.

I was impressed to observe the way a girl was hitting on a guy : she was touching his arm several times just a few seconds after they had met. I am usually shy, so I wondered if this kind of approach is effective. A little bit later, I saw him again by himself.

I don’t know if I could generalize and say that men -in Paris- don’t like women to take an initiative. I doubt that. It is probably that touching someone right away goes a bit too far.

And I am not sure this is enough to create a connexion.

I include the link to the exhibition, in order to thank them for the nice cocktail.

D’DAYS 2014 : B’bath crée le mouvement

Bath in motion,  l’exposition événement du 19 au 25 mai 2014

May 13- full moon and flirting

Hello May,

you were showering us with storms, brought sunshine, and changed mood every half an hour, today! Is this why I was a bit moody or should I attribute it to the full moon?

Anyway, I decided to take it easy and slow down a bit, because working and stressing the last few days made me nervous. And when I get nervous I am not effective any more. It is also bad for love. So I decided to take a break and stop putting demands on myself other than take it easy. No projects, no contact with impatient colleagues, no respect for deadlines. Nothing.

Instead, I did things normal people do on Saturdays that I have been postponing. For example, buy vacuum cleaner bags. Batteries for my clock. Go for a run.

I finally went to a local café-bar for a drink. A charming couple in their forty’s was chatting with the owners about Palermo in Sicily. The woman contributed to a publication on Palermo and was showing everybody beautiful photos. The owners wanted to visit too and started planning a trip. Everyone was excited. The couple was in love, and very demonstrative.

Is it spring, the full moon was beautiful, everybody in the café-bar got in a flirtatious mood. It is so inspiring to see people in love!

You get happy, and in this case, you want to follow their example.

I thought of B. I wish I could kiss him also in this or another café.

To contribute, in my turn, to the amount of happiness in the world.

Lever de pleine Lune sur la Seine, photo by  Gary Wasilowski