October 23, 2015- Flatmate found!

Dear October

just thank you for puting a word for me! Yes, Yes, Yes I found a flatmate!What do I know about this person? Almost nothing.

My future flatmate is a French woman working for a private company. When she visited, she seemed practical and efficient. Capable to share the rent and eager to move in right away.

Is this the first time I live with almost total strangers? No. The very first time was when I went camping, and I was 8 year’s old.

The very next, when I moved from my small town to Paris, to study. I stayed at a student’s residence and I was sharing a room. It was the only thing I could get and afford before the term begun. It worked out ok.

I later moved to my own room, but there was still the shower and kitchen to share with other four people.

We ended up as friends, or something different: the kind of relationship you have with school mates. Or for men who go to the army with their fellow soldiers. I guess :-).

In any case, finding a flatmate is a huge relief and I look forward to my new life in London, which starts to become quiet organized.

The last thing I wait for to start working seriously on my art project is a generous funding 😉

Tips for finding the perfect flatmate


October 7, 2015- Talking to my potential flatmates

Hello October,

no, I haven’t met any of my potential flatmates… yet! We have become Facebook friends, we talked on the phone -it is so good that what’s up, Skype and viber exist!- I have looked at their pictures as babies, with their grandfather, on top of the China wall, diving, etc…

It is as if I knew them. One of them, who is French, told me he has a girlfriend who is very “expressive” in their private moments as a couple, and asked me the distance between the flat’s bedrooms. So that the noise will not bother the other tenants. I just don’t understand why not look for a studio in that case.

Another one is a beautiful young woman who seems very active, travelling around the world. Would I feel insecure if I bring a boyfriend in the house?

A third is a Polish who is told me he is looking for something worth while for his money. A notion difficult to decide.

A third is a woman in her 40s who is very much into cleanness. A baby sitter. A specialist in information technology.

Someone else asked me how am I ready to share a flat with an unknown person. Well, I will trust my intuition. After all, in some parts of the world people get even married without having met each other. Sometimes, they are happier than those who knew each other long ago. Best friends go on holidays together and they end up fighting.

The thing is, I am still in Paris, so I can’t meet them before the end of the week.

So, strangers could be great. I am into trying something new.

Please October, help me with a tip!




October 2nd, 2015- My search for the ideal flatmate in London

Dear October,

I welcome you in Paris, but we will see each other again in London by the end of next week! Now, there are a few details to deal with: funding, moving some of my staff, and of course, last but not least, finding the perfect flatmate.

Because I already have the perfect flat. Now, this individual, is someone very respectful. Clean. With personality, but not particularly noisy. Sociable and present, but at the same time, living some space. Letting me use the bathroom first. Being able to pay the rent, responsible. Cultivated and artistically sensitive.

Male or female?

I am not sure about that.

Someone whose life style is somehow in harmony with my own.

With the kind of aura you like to see in the morning.

With something positive about him/her.


So how am I doing? For the time being I have been contacted by two women. And a couple.

I need to learn more about them.

And wait a couple of days.

What do you think I should do?

Flatmate wanted