March 11, 2016- day 36 out of 60 day challenge; out of the comfort zone might be uncomfortable

Hello March,

so have we mentioned that it could feel uncomfortable out of the comfort zone?

I have experienced this feeling as I was letting my big mouth run away and state opinions in front of a group of people I never met before. They were so surprised with my comment, it was as if they were facing an alien for the first time. So they left my comment-question without answer or discussion. I felt a bit uncomfortable because I was vulnerable and exposed. At the same time I felt kind of ridiculous.

Was it dangerous? Well I am still alive.

How about my reputation? After all, these people are remotely connected to the art world. What if they take me for a fool?

Well, I could have kept quiet, yes I could. It kind of reminded me of times I were still at school, or at my first years in the University. When I took the courage to raise my hand and ask, and sometimes, my question was not very well received by my teacher or professor.

In any case, should one open one’s mouth outside of their comfort zone, should I risk the ridicule?

Where is the frontier between courage and foolishness?