March 27, 2021- Doing something new for 30 days, day 3

Hello March,

yes, I am looking for something new today, while I start working on a presentation I have on Tuesday. And yes, I still learn the rules to play the “Isle of cats”, my new board game.

So, what new? Learn something I have never heard of?

After reading lists, soul-searching and wondering if I should learn something new, or declutter and put some order in my closet, … I end up deciding to check and declutter old magazines, and to cut out inspiring pictures.

This combines a physical aspect and decluttering because I can throw away the rest.

A few hours later:

It feels somehow exhausting, but at least I got something out of these fashion magazines I opened once and then I wasn’t sure what to make of them… wait for the day I will appear as a civilised female, ready to go to work -not at home-?

Apparently loose trousers are fashionable, but while working from home I prefer stretch and comfy.

In any case, I just HOPE that my effort to declutter the pile of magazines today will make me feel better sometime in the near future!

Right now I am moderetaly satisfied with this idea …

ELLE est chez vous ! 

February 3, 2018- Finding the best outfit for the day :-)

Hello February,

have you ever been preoccupied about what to wear? It depends of the day, I guess, and of the clothes, and of the mood…

I just couldn’t match a sweater with the rest, and somehow it took me half an hour…

on the other side, it is a present, so I am happy I got people to think of me … eh, … or this is a sign I need to spent some time looking for something fit to my taste… and means…

Finally I got a match…

Is this a reason to make my mood good or not?

An outfit is us, but it is also, our presentation to the world.

Do we need to care?

Yes, but when I feel good about me, I will see it as a game…


February 7, 2016: Challenge day 10 out of 60 for quantum leap- giving myself a treat

Dear February

I thought I would give myself a treat and look all over London for a nice pair of boots. After all, a me-me time was necessary to put my compass in the right direction.

It is nice to see friends and friends of friends and people who look in different directions and challenge my certainties. But once in a while how about just being nice to oneself without any reason at all?

I wanted a pair of UGG, these Australian brand because they are so comfortable for every day, and my foot need them. But I decided I would wait for sales and an awfully good sale. One of their stores is in the Piccadilly area, so I took the bus to admire the city instead of jumping into the tube.

You know, shopping in London is not the easiest thing for me. I know Paris like the back of my hand, and even there, it took me a month to find my perfect black bag. So London? The market is huge but I am still like a tourist who doesn’t know where to look outside of the usual mega-stores. That I don’t particularly like.

But to come back to my boots, they didn’t have my size for the ones I liked. Why don’t you go to our other store towards Shepherd’s Bush, a salesperson told me. Ok, it seemed easy. But I would first stop for coffee in the first cafe. This was the wisest thing. Taking a break.

Because the Westfield shopping center was an entire city. I spent an hour just to locate the store. Me, who think Galeries Lafayette is too big and prefer small stores around the corner.

But it was worth it. I came out victoriously with a pair of boots.

And these boots are made for walking 😉



January 31- On women’s bags and secret power

Hello January and farewell,

What is the link between a woman’s bag and her feminine power? Honestly, I was going to drop the bag-subject, because I finally found something that seems to fulfill all my desires 🙂

But then, comments of fellow blogers made me reflect and do some research on the topic.

What is this deep and dark secret hiding in our bag? Why all this bag-mania that goes beyond brands? When did it all start? All these questions, and even more…

Bags were used by men and women in different cultures all around the world. At least in the Western world, since the fourteen and fifteen centuries, and became associated to fashion, little by little.

As to their meaning, it could be related to status, the way to present ourself to society. A bag can also serve as a weapon: to handbag someone…

As to their “secret” meaning, psychology has an answer: our women’s bag represents our “womb” in a way. Our reproductive power, so, in a symbolic way, creativity. In dreams, bags are associated to feminine identity. Is it their round form, -despite designer’s effort to present more suggestions?

I wouldn’t know what to say.

In any case, it seems that in the literature, bags have something to do with our feeling of empowerment.

So, following this idea, it could be that my search for a new bag was a way to feel empowered. To bust my feminine self.

With this “magic” item 🙂

Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Handbag Trends: Fringed Bags

January 28b- On long-term relationships and women’s bags


Hello dear January,

you wouldn’t probably understand the importance of a bag, or the reason it needs to be a love at first sight. A love that will transform into a long-term relationship. I am sure that you walk around care-free.

I have been looking for a bag, black preferably, to match everything, even if fashion codes are more relaxed nowadays regarding colour… There are still sales in Paris, in case you care, even though less important for “classic” items…

I had one I loved, but it started getting old, and I need to replace it. The thing is, I have been around many Parisian stores, not to mention e-shops, but I still haven’t made up my mind.

I need to feel a kind of thrill… to say… this is “it”!

It has to look good on me, and the way I dress (or if it is too nice, it might be an incentive to upgrade my style)

I also want it to be of soft leather, something that is agreeable to touch, and hug.

Something very practical with pockets, where I can put a cell-phone, or metro ticket.

Also a bag I can carry in many different ways, because I usually have my hands full.

Something that has personality: not too dull, but at the same time not showy, because I need it for everyday.

And, last but not least, something that I can afford, (so I will pass on mainstream designers).

Have I found my “it” bag?

Well, not yet! I thought I had the perfect deal, but after trying it for a day, I realised the handle was too short to carry it on my elbow, and the more weight I put in (notebook, umbrella, etc), the more I need alternatives.

Others were ok, but with no external pockets. Too showy, too expensive, too dull, too not me!

If it were for something dressy, that I carry once a month, I wouldn’t need to worry.

But this everyday bag needs to be reliable. In a way, a substitute of a close friend, a faithful partner, or… a teddy bear?

We need to feel good together, to merge, and at the same to keep our independence…

The whole process made me wonder if a long-term relationship shouldn’t have some of these characteristics 🙂



International latest Leather and fancy handbags fashion for women 2014 2015 (1)

November welcome!

Dear November,

just for you, I have changed the background picture of the blog, with autumn leaves in Paris. It is because I am also born in November, so I feel somehow closely related to you 🙂

Just to celebrate your first day with us, I decided to stroll around the Paris streets and cafés, see friends and check on the different stores to see what is going on fashion-like. There were a lot of things I like, but have not let myself to be tempted because I want to check my closet and see what is missing before I let myself to fall into a shopaholic temptation.

I flirted for a while with a pair of gray gloves, but it was not strong enough to evolve into a relationship.

From my walk I discovered a new ephemeral store of the Courrèges fashion house, at the 17 Rue de Sèvres, that will stay open until April 1. A pink sweater enchanted me, but there was no picture online, you will have to imagine it 😉

Courrèges was founded in 1961 is known for graphic dresses, structured skirts, cocoon coats and PVC bags complete with zip and fringe details.

I have copied for you a photo of a Courrèges model from Eve’s blog, (who is a stylist, by the way):




July 21- Lazy Monday in a Busy Week

Dear July,

no, I don’t mean that I have been laying in bed all day. Allthough I took a 30 minute siesta in the afternoon. What I mean is, I need superpowers for the week of my artistic event in the South of France. And shopping isn’t the first priority. But it is what I did first today.

I looked for a pair of shorts, it is going to be hot, I hope, by the seaside. In Paris, you have showered us with rain and then it was sunny again. Shorts were not needed the whole day. I left the store, but then I realized that a pair of eggplant color pants, would look great. So I returned to get them. I also looked for a small suitcase that could be suitable for flying.

I was turning from one place to another, until I found my bliss.

Shouldn’t I prepare for my own performance at the artistic event? Yes. I spent an hour with it. Not enough I am afraid.

And then, there is the next step of the project funding, but frankly, I don’t see how I can manage it before my trip.

Is it better to start with the most important thing in our list? Or the most difficult? Or the most agreeable? In order to keep oneself in a good mood?

Is it better to risk stressing up at the beginning in the middle or towards the end of a task?

How about being at ease and enjoying oneself the whole time?

I vote for this option.


The artistic event of July 26 should be fun for everyone, including me.

With eggplant color pants or shorts.

P.S. At least it is a color present in the fall-winter designs! Lyn Devon’s designs presented in the blog of Nina Elsa Coco


Lyn Devon 8