April 3, 2015: Rainy Friday in Paris, perfect for a film noir

Hello dear April,

half of the people in Paris are coughing and sneezing again! We thought it was behind us, but no. As a result, I already have one romantic rendezvous to reschedule.

So, what did I do with my cold? I stayed at home today and worked a little bit, took naps and ate some chocolate -it helps with everything.

A friend of mine, in the same state, suggested watching films would be the very thing to do and she mentioned “Laura”, the film noir of Otto Preminger, released in 1944.  I have already watched Laura and fallen in love with the ambiance and the story. The great thing in Paris is that you get to see old films at the cinema, all your favorites are projected now and then. It must have been in “Action Gitanes”.

But for now, the film online will do.

Laura (1944) is one of the most stylish, elegant, moody, and witty classic film noirs ever made with an ensemble cast of characters”.

Laura, as a character is a young, beautiful, intelligent young woman who wants to create her own life. She is a professional and single. Fantasy and reality, stereotypes, illusions, male and female psychology are mixed up with passion, murder, love, lust and envy.

Some of the men who “love” Laura, are looking for a possession, or to take advantage of her. She finally makes the best possible choice, I think.

A film that I can watch again and again.

Is it still complicated to be a professional and a woman who makes her choices?

I think in a way, yes. Mentors, friendenemies, wannabe bosses, and all sorts of suitors get in the way.

But if Laura balances all that, and finds her way out in 1944, I think we can also make it happen in 2015.