May 4, 2017- In the mood for love

Hello May,

So, spring is here, everybody is in love, so why not us?

It feels like something is on its way, even though it is not clear what.

London is cloudy, and chilly but underneath it all, you know it is time to expand, in the way nature does.

Any May resolutions?

Well, yes, apparently, to love ourselves enough so that we don’t become clingy and obsessive when hit by the arrows of love, nor depending, nor anything of the kind.

Falling in love is so great, but if we are in love with ourselves, who can resist us?


February 24, 2016: day 28 of 60 challenge day- Is this LOVE?

How are you doing February,

well, I have a certain feeling of restlessness, combined with some sort of uneasiness and self-consciousness, when i think of a certain man. And after examining the symptoms I came to the conclusion that this could be … the first step of falling in LOVE!

Yes, is it because of St Valentin, or the 24 of February that is celebrated in Roumania as a day for those in love?

I have no idea, it could also be the influence of all these hearts hanging around in stores everywhere in London, LOVE written in every possible advertisement that you finally get it!

And yes, I went out for a drink with someone interesting. Someone I had almost met a while ago while I was looking for a place to stay in London. The thing is we had only spoken on the phone. He had a nice voice and we got along well.

But actually we never met in person. We kept in touch for four months and every time we were to meet something was coming up. You might object: come on April, this is typical of you. We spent a lot of time with your romantic love-affaire at the Parisian café. A lot of virtual ink and pages went by, and still, no action. Even in the 19th century things would have gone faster. So, please don’t tell us you fell in love with a voice.

Ok, you have a point, but this time I actually met this person. The thing is, is he interested, romantically in me?

To be continued…

July 19- A reason to get married?

Dear July,

was it serious of me to propose to someone because he is cooking well? I don’t know. I went to a dinner party where a friend of a friend cooked some delicious dishes, everybody loved. Good cooking is not something you find easily these days. I told him, and he seemed to reflect on the idea quiet seriously. He asked what are my talents. What could I bring to this marriage? He is looking for someone to iron his shirts. (He is Italian by the way). I told him I don’t iron well. I am also not a very good housekeeper. But I tell stories.

He also wants to watch “Game of Thrones” without being interrupted. Fair enough. I don’t watch tv myself, but if we manage to get two rooms, that would do. He doesn’t like women who talk a lot. I don’t think I am one of them, I’d rather blog.

Now for the rest, such as attraction, we didn’t bother much. It wasn’t the case for many generations before us. Would he get something in this kind of bargain? I don’t know. It’s up to him to find out.

I need to try more recipes to make sure before I commit myself 😉

Should we be down to earth when it is a question of marriage or expect a romantic feeling that sweeps us off our feet? Is falling in love unrealistic?

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