June 5- standing up to the wannabe boss

Hello June,

today I had a confrontation with the wannabe boss of the Platform. He has been a source of motivation to this blog, a day that he insulted me, so I could consider him as my personal muse. In case you have not been informed, the Platform is a loose network of artists, producers, and event organizers, where I belong. The Platform has a geographical existence in Paris, and I go there daily, in order to meet people, discuss ideas and projects. It offers me a form of legitimacy when I am for example asking for funding. The wannabe boss is the no 2 of this Platform. He has been bulling me that I don’t bring enough money to the Platform through my activity. And has menaced to throw me out.

Oh, I forgot that last year there has been an internal fight, and I didn’t take his side. Yes, I admit that.

I also have stood up to him.

How dare you? He said. You have no real job, no security, what gives you the right to have an opinion?

Amazing that he can ask, in the country of human rights.

As in some fairy tales, he has given me a list of assignments to fulfill, that he considered impossible for me to succeed. And then, he would have an excuse to do what he was planning.

Now you may say, wait a second, if you are not getting a salary there, why do you take him seriously, him and his assignments? Let him “fire” you from the imaginary job. And laugh at him and his imaginary power.

This is absolutely true.

At the same time, fulfilling some assignments is good for me. When I succeed, I might get a real job elsewhere, independently of what he thinks.

So, to go back to my story, I got some “magical help” and I succeeded.

Today we had a meeting, with other event organizers also, to talk about next year. He was inviting questions, but was making sure not to look in my direction, so that he wouldn’t have to let me speak. But the other participants insisted, and he had to.

I announced my summer event in the South of France, and invited everybody who could come.

He didn’t like that. It was written all over his face. But he couldn’t say anything.

Am I safe from him? I think for the time being. But I need to watch my back.

Maybe our enemies are our muses, who inspire us to excel.

In that sense, thank you wannabe boss! Thank you for taking me to the next level!