October 26, 2020-Making time for what is important, day 5- an energising breakfast

Hello October,

with the autumn well installed, Halloween approaching and the pandemic lurking, it is important to focus on what is important:

Is it the same thing everyday?

This is a new week and I admit that I started unfocused and with a low mood despite of being up early and doing some exercise;

I somehow need to focus on what is the most important and do something about it, as well as what is important for the short and medium term

Keeping well, finding pleasure in everyday life- well I focused on relaxing, having chocolate and checking out if I need an extra vitamin and a piece of chocolate.

Yes, there are emails waiting for me to answer, but it was more important to advance with my creative writing and to make sure my energy level is higher: maybe I should think seriously about getting rid of sugar 🙂

Ok, so I decided to exchange the coffee and cookie in the morning with something more substantial like a smoothie with protein and fruit; let’s see how it will go!


April 4, 2018- Day 2 – April challenge- where is my energy?

Hello April,

I decided to wake up early, but today, after opening one eye at 7.00, the second one opened at 9.00

It has been a kind of full day yesterday, and I was up at 5.00, but the thing is how to maintain a stable rhythm instead of doing something just once.

I promised to make things move in a new direction. The world needs us, so let’s do our best; but right now I don’t feel I have a lot of energy!

So how do I generate energy?

I promised a lot of things, and today I feel like going back to sleep!!!

Instead, I get a green juice and I look at my art classes for tomorrow; in the meanwhile I am exploring the possibilities for another opening… in the UK or elsewhere in the world;

I have an art portfolio that needs to get organised, and I also want to make time for writing.

How do I do this?

Probably by starting right away.