April 18 to 29th- doing something new every day for 35 days, mission accomplished!

Hello April,

yes, I did it! I have done something new every day for the last 30 days, actually 35 days, and now I intend to prolong it to 66 days, so that the habit sticks with me!!!

What exactly? A lot had to do with food: trying different types of milk for the latte (soya, almond and coconut milk) was one version. And I ended up with coconut milk latte, but I admit that my guilty pleasure is cow milk for a delicious latte with chocolate and cinnamon.

I have also tried all the varieties of coffee I could have access to: Kenya, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil.

Next thing? Different types of tea and herbal tea (chamomile, and all the possible herbs and blends). Great stuff!

I have taken up colouring for adults, and today I am to buy my second colouring book. And offer colouring books to members of my household.

I have started dancing in the morning, using “Just dance” workouts.

I have gone out with my glasses instead of my contact lenses (because I had a minor eye infection). And I realised how difficult it is to breath with glasses and face mask.

I have decided to try new recipes for our lunch. Vegetable burgers, shrimp spaghetti, I had never cooked before, …

And some other new stuff that take more time:

I have mentioned statistics before, so yes, now I know my way around multiple regression! (more or less, less or more).

I have looked for presents to my godson.

And yes, I feel that doing something new everyday is definitely making me more creative, fun and motivated!

Now I decided to upgrade this challenge to 66 days.

Doing something new and exciting every day here we are!!!

coconut milk latte

April 13 to 17, 2021: doing something new every day for 30 days, days 19 to 23

Hello April,

no, I am not cheating! At least not exactly! I have tried new flavours of coffee: from Costa Rica, to Guatemala, Brasil, Kenya and today Ethiopia. I have to admit Brazilian coffee was my favourite, followed by Kenya and Ethiopia.

Here you are! Anything else which could be new and exciting? Well, I have tried three recipes of morning smoothies and today I managed to wake up at 5am. Although this is not exactly my accomplishment. The cat has a stomach issue and she was supposed to be on a diet (the vet’s idea, not mine!). She didn’t exactly appreciate it and she was more effective than any other alarm!

Writing fiction is also progressing. My heroine and heroes are going to Bali, in Indonesia. In that way I can travel in my imagination since I am constrained in my movements.

Anything else? Hmm, yes, something new is definitely learning multiple regression analysis in Statistics. I had tried to avoid Statistics for years, but somehow some of my best friends are using stats. And somehow, I got to learn this method for my everyday job.

So this is new, and definitely, it will take a big part of my time this weekend!!!

By the way, a cup of coffee might help with this!!!

April 10 to 12, 2021: Doing something new every day for 30 days, days 16 to 18-Quality

Dear April,

I have tried different types of coffee, today opting for coffee from Kenya, the one from Nicaragua I liked less, and yesterday I wrote a kind of reference letter for one of my best friends.

One of my best friends, or my very best friend in primary school from the time we were 10 years’ old, and with whom I am still in touch, is launching a new business. She asked fοr my feedback, a sort of “reference letter”, on her capacities, and on her character. She is an architect and a ballet instructor, and I am not an expert on either.

Nevertheless, I have taken a few ballet classes with her, and so did my mother. And I have certainly a lot to say in her favour.

This friend of mine is someone who is never giving up, trying to do her best in every project, from being a teacher, a mum, to being an architect! She has faced adversity, and complicated relationships. Sometimes she has started something without realising what she was getting into.

I can totally relate especially with the last phrase.

And she really deserves a break and success all the way through!

Do women face more difficulties than men?

Well, in many parts of the world, this seems to be the case.

Let’s stand by each other, and by anyone, whatever gender, who creates quality for themselves and others

Icone 100 de qualité Banque d'images - 50934799

April 7, 8 and 9-Doing something new every day for 30 days, days 13-15

Hello April,

yes, I have followed through. After a smoothie with bananas, honey, ginger, peanut butter and protein powder, it was time to buy a jumping rope and then to try it. Oh, I have also tried a salad with biological kale, yesterday.

So that leaves me with something new to do on April 9, and I was happy to get it out early in the morning. I enrolled to an online class for public speaking with udemy. But I also intend to take google’s free course. This is something useful if I transform my blog into a blog one of these days. And with every possible activity online, our interlocutors will be spared from nausea because we move our head constantly in zoom conferences. At least I do.

Yes, it’s charming to move in real life. But in front of a screen it is like an experimental film.

So, yes, I can try it.

And see what will come of it.

It’s also a good exercise to put oneself out there and focus on whatever message we have.

Speaking in public


April 5 and 6, 2021- Doing something new every day for 30 days, days 11 and 12

Hello April,

you know what I did? I realised I might be a “super recogniser”, one of those people who can recognise others despite age, style, etc differences. it all started when I recognised a child actor in the early 2000, as a grownup comedian in a very different role.

Ok, you think this isn’t enough? Well, I took an online test, provided by the Open University and the University of Greenwich.

And I got a very decent score. Now there are a couple of other tests to pass also.

So this qualifies as one thing.

And today, I bought biological Kale for the first time. It didn’t look nicer, but I convinced myself, so I hope it tastes ok.

Oh, yes, and a mini bottle of Proseco.

The next step would be to take my Champagne glasses out of the cupboard and to drink the Champaign I have kept for special occasions, no matter what, even if I become drunk.

It has been challenging to celebrate and to celebrate myself with my mother suffering from health issues in the same house.

But the thing is, no matter what happens, we can always choose to feel good, and we can share and spread happiness around.

Oh, yes, I found my new action today: a reference letter for a childhood friend! It definitely qualifies as one!!!

Two examples of faces that have been modified from an original photo (center) to look more (right) and less (left) memorable without altering their identity, attractiveness, age, or gender.



April 2nd-4th, 2021-Doing something new every day for 30 days in lockdown, days 8 to 10

Hello April,

I am not cheating, I have done something new every day!

So, for April 1, I have called the vet to ask how to bring the garden cat, Felix for his vaccines. You see, he might not take it nicely to get into a box. I also bought vegan protein powder for my future smoothie.

April 2, I have prepared myself a smoothie! With kiwi, strawberries, protein powder and milk.

April 3, I went to a sports doctor to ask if I can exercise again and if I do anything harmful without being aware; apparently not, so I am getting back to exercising!

April 4, today, a walk in the direction of my old school. I realise I don’t like seeing my school a lot. Yes, I should be grateful to be a literate female, in world where girls might get married before they reach puberty and they might not learn to read and write.

Maybe it has to do with my dream to go far away and change my life. I actually did, and even though I am back due to lockdown, I appreciate everything that happened in between. All the goals I have achieved. And even those I didn’t, maybe it wasn’t the timing.

The Best is yet to come!


March 31st, 2021- Doing something new every day for 30 days, day 7- Jajouka music Morocco

Farewell March,

I spent most of the day wondering what new and exciting thing I could do from home, after my usual working from home and a horrid weather.

Finally, I have discovered this enchanting Moroccan music “The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar”, and I am happy I run into them online.

These excellent musicians play an enchanting rhythm, they have influenced a lot of western musicians also, such as the Rolling Stones. Not to mention, that apparently, this music has a healing effect.

And yes, I personally danced to its rhythm, you should also try it!!!

March 30, 2021-Doing something new everyday for 30 days, day 6- public speaking

Hello March,

today I finished preparing a presentation to a new group of people for my work. It really went well!

Everyone was doing interesting work, and there was a good ambiance!

It was supposed to be in Belfast, but in reality, I was in front of my screen. Still, I really enjoyed it.

I get to realise how lucky I am to have meaningful interactions during this period. It is not given.

Maybe it’s a moment to think of my friends.

And to write the letter one of my school mates asked me to.

A kind of reference letter.


Busy day.

But it is on my priority list.

March 29, 2021- Doing something new every day for 30 days, day 5-

Hello March,

I had a juice with pumpkin, orange and nutmeg… for the first time. There was probably also something I couldn’t identify. But it counts as something new.

I don’t know the recipe, but looking online, I came across one in the following site.

The rest of the day I was running around regarding a big presentation for tomorrow. To a new group of people, so I also have covered the new experience for tomorrow 😉

Harry Potter's Pumpkin Juice with pumpkin garnish


March 28, 2021-Doing something new every day for 30 days-day 4- a side hustle for creatives

Hello March,

looking for something new to do can be challenging: I try to see what would be possible, and what would be new. Not wanting to learn a new thing but also to do, to touch, to smell.

I will revisit “The Groundhog day” and check some of the ideas the hero had, while re-living the same day imprisoned in a time-loop.


Play an instrument? My ex left with me a guitar, should I learn how to play? Online?

I have promised my colleagues a dance video and I am still far from it- finding that my hair looks savage and other excuses of this kind.

Am I procrastinating for not doing my work?

Could be, since I have a presentation on Tuesday and I am not that advanced.

I might try to prepare a video of my presentation.

Continue decluttering home?

I have opened a few cupboards and closets to take a look.

I have researched internet and asked friends.

I have even asked the cat.

Finally, I consider that my new task was to check how to monetise some skills and here is what I found that creatives can earn money through a side-hustle right away 🙂