March 31rst, 2016: day 40 out of 60 day challenge-Detoxing again

Hello March,

yes, I haven’t had any coffee or sugar- almost since yesterday afternoon. I guess the 3 coffees I had in the morning decided me to act. Now, I only ate salads and lentils from the Organic store next door. And a healthy orange-apple juice.

Do you think I can resist long enough? We will see. I thought two days is a good period of time to begin with. In any case, I don’t want it to fill like a punishment.

I thought that I deserve to take it slow and to recenter myself instead of stressing that with my book publication I left behind the current affairs in London.

I can do it! But I need to show myself some kindness in order to be effective.

After all, tomorrow is my 2 year Blog Anniversary and I want to celebrate!

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March 29, 2016: day 39 out of 60 challenge day-Detox Tuesday!

Dear March,

after the excitement of my first book launch in my French village, and all the Easter chocolate, this is the day for a serious Detox! From anything I have been doing these last days, before I start again.

I am back in London, and it feels like a lot of people have not returned yet, probably those who have children benefit from the long Easter week end! So what should I do? Eat rice-organic Easter eggs instead of real full of calories chocolate? Sleep? Visit a new place?

Ok sleep more is first in my list. But I also feel the need to read something new. Something I know nothing about.

And some meditation might be good also.

And a tisane, or an herbal infusion with something extremely detoxing.