January 29, 2016: Challenge day 2 for quantum leap: being kind to oneself

Hello January,

being in the mood for love is a great way to expect a quantum leap, I guess. And with February 14 approaching, I need a detox from anything but that.

A friend of mine told me he is impressed with the faith I have on people, him being more cautious probably. Can we trust others? And why not? After all, a lot of injuries come from ourselves, not from others.

A way to train to better one to one relationship apparently, in order to prepare for an awesome February 14 and after, is to speak kindly to oneself.

You might object: wait a second, when I speak to myself I usually turn my voice off. What are you talking about?

And YET, apparently, there is a special tone of internal voice we apply when we talk to ourselves. Is it kind? Do we speak to our pet in a nicer way?

If I say for example to myself with a smile:

Good morning gorgeous April, hello my beautiful Goddess, hello sunshine… or how was your day my talented genius, … it is a little bit different from

hey, April, still haven’t figured out how to do x and y? This is not a way I would treat a friend, not even an acquaintance, so a diet of kind and valorizing self talk is something I commit to, together with stopping using sugar for my coffee 🙂

At least for a while 🙂