November 19, 2017- Pizza expectation

Hello November,

the expectation of a nice Italian pizza is a great way to start Sunday, especially if you have some work to do instead of from being lazy and enjoying the frosty morning.

A semi-flirtatious person texted me an emoticon with a kiss and love, only to tell me it was a mistake, and it wasn’t addressed to me. I just raised virtually my shoulders.

This population of semi probably needs evacuation before the end of the month to make space for something more authentic.

So, while waiting for the Italian night a song by a French with Italian origin, I think:

April 24- Danny Brillant

April hi,

I will go to the essentials: today I finished the application for the job and mailed it. This has been my biggest accomplishment of the day.

The second is that I finished working on the documents I needed, while listening to Dany Brillant’s albums. The café owner is a big fun and I followed his entire career from “Suzette”, to “On verra demain“.

I like Danny too; if I succeed I might have to thank him for the inspiration.

I couldn’t stay, for once, at my parent’s house. There was a plumbing problem and everybody was agitated. Between the plumber and Danny,  the plumber didn’t stand a chance.

I also realized that if I continue drinking “café au lait” with croissants and pains aux chocolat, exercising only to change table at the café, I will only put on unnecessary weight.

It is time to go back to Paris.


P.S. an example of the café’s music selection (