October 18, 2015- Oxford Street and cultural differences

Now tell me please October,

have you ever been shopping in Oxford Street? What do you mean you don’t need to? But you know what it looks like. I was really impressed with all these people getting in and out of stores, shopping, …

Absolutely HUGE!

No, I didn’t go shopping, I already feel guilty of spending my economies on moving in and out, following my dreams, etc; so a “re-look-age” as we say in France, was not in the picture.

But I wanted to take a look of the fashion in London. So I went in, out and about. I asked about prices. Let’s say that it was a market study.

How different does it feel compared to Paris?

Well, in terms of clothes, there are the brands you find everywhere, and then of course, even there, some details that make a difference.

Did you know there are so many French in London!

Everytime I go somewhere, I hear people talking French. I also went to Kensington, another area full of Frenchies.

So that I don’t feel “depaysée“, homesick, so to speak.

But I am amazed how close we are with Londoners, and how different.

Everything here comes in bigger quantities. If you ask for a “gâteau au chocolat” in Paris downtown, you get something as big as your small finger. You want a bottle of water, the big one, is 1,5 liters.

Now chocolate cake at Nero’s in London, is huge. And a café latte or a cappuccino are at least twice as big. Bottled water at M&S comes at least as a 2 liter bottle.

I start worrying that I will become two Aprils if I eat in this rhythm…

When I went to a pub, the garçon didn’t come to take the order, I had to go to the counter.

All these cultural differences take some energy but so much the better;

Why bother to travel if we find the same little world we have left behind?

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