October 11, 2016: “We are the Champions”, day

Hello October,

yesterday I felt kind of inadequate on a task I needed to accomplish, so today I want to boost my self-esteem with a “We are the Champions” day!

What does that mean?

I will remember cases where I did it, and celebrate my accomplishments.

It could be tying my shoes, when I was five year’s old, writing my first poem, baking the first cake…

I am what I am and I know what I know.

People are happy to have me around, and I am lucky to be surrounded by encouraging, loving, interesting people…

Even that person who got on my nerves could trigger something interesting.

The idea is to interpret criticism, not as a disapproval of us and our actions.

But to think, I am a great Champion of life, and may be this element will make me better.

Or, I will communicate better and let them know why what I have to offer is valuable, and adapt it to the demand I have.

In any case, We are the Champions!

And we Can Make It!

October 18b- Love bitter and sweet

Dear October,

You make me face dilemmas and contradictions. I went for a drink with a guy I was in love with two years ago. He started giving me advice on my love life. Did I appreciate it? Yes and No.

Yes, a little bit, because I tried to check my reactions as if I were an observer. As if I were in your place, October, a month, passing by. And no, because the advice was presented in a bitter envelope. He told me that I don’t fight for what I want, and if I want someone, I don’t go all the way through.

Now, you might object, wait a second, why did you start talking about your love-life with him? Is he a close friend? Not exactly.

Even if we didn’t get along, I still like him for a number of reasons. For example, he has had experiences through which I can learn. But he is very judgemental of my ideas, projects and personality.

Today we run into each other, so, it seemed natural to have a drink and catch up.

He told me how well he is doing and about his summer holidays with his girlfriend. Maybe I got a bit jealous, or I needed to get even.

I told him I felt in love this summer.

He put himself in the place of a mentor and started giving me advice. I had it all wrong, according to him. Should I have run after my summer love to the end of the world? Am I too constrained by invisibleĀ bounds? That is, myself?

Maybe he’s wrong and right at the same time.