March 6- Concentration and wandering mind

Dear March,

I have been seriously un-concentrated today, and this is the moment I need to contact people for help. Instead, I was day-dreaming and consuming chocolate in important quantities. A friend will be visiting for the weekend, and my house is messed up, like my mind.

It feels as if I am up on a cloud, observing the things I am to do and instead of acting, I am completely on another planet.

It was sunny today in Paris, and this doesn’t help, especially after days of rain and bad weather.

What was I to do?

I finally declared defeat -just for today- and decided to start cleaning up my place.

The second thing, would be to contact some of my good friends which have been kind of excluded from my life during this period.

And finally, eat well -some vegetables and fruit- and get some rest.

Three Ways Your Wandering Thoughts Can Actually Be Constructive

February 6- Motivation and role models

Dear February,

Do you know what works better to stimulate motivation and focus? No it isn’t guarana. It is a role model. Someone whose action, standing up to what she/he believes and working in this direction, inspires you. I am thinking of a friend, K, who started a campaign from a difficult position and is making his way through the artistic world with dignity and self-confidence. What an inspiration!

How does this affect me? It puts me in a good mood, saying, look April, there is someone else out there, I am not alone- sorry February but you are here for 28 days- Let’s transform my dreams into action! Let’s concentrate and put my ideas together! What do I do right now? I am waiting for the coffee to start operating and in the mean while, I find a moment to write a note to you. The beautiful winter sun is reaching out to me through the café window. I am in front of my computer, thanking the waiter for remembering that I like my coffee with some warm milk: “noisette”, as we say in Paris, meaning “hazelnut”.

So, thank you dear friend K for being such a hero, it makes my day! I like your style, a little bit provocative, assuming you come from a minority position, with lots of humor, active and yet never disrespectful of others.

K, you rock!



February 4- On Concentration and Focus

How is it going February?

Do you have any suggestions on focusing and concentration? I told you I have a kind of project to finish, and my brain needs to get together and bring me this genius idea hiding in there!

Thank you for another sunny and crispy cold day, by the way. If you look for me, you will find me in one of my favorite cafés, taking notes, writing, and calling up friends. But at some point I need to stop and come up with a simple, clear and extremely original proposal. The kind of thing the curator of the Beaubourg museum will invite for the next season!

So, what was your idea? Eating a lot of blueberries? Coffee and chocolate? I got that.

I read I should have stayed at home, as far as possible from noise and distractions. But I need variety.

And I also like music when I think.

But for each 40 minutes maybe, I need to be “present” in only one direction.

no concentration